Sunday, December 14, 2008

ho, ho, ho.

Here's our family picture with Santa from the ward Christmas party! Zeb has reached the age where he has consciously decided to look the opposite direction whenever there is a picture being taken of him. It is totally my fault (thanks to the 2500 pictures I took of him the first 17 months of his life) but it still makes me so mad.
Our ward party was a "Christmas morning" party. We had breakfast foods, hot cocoa, juice, and milk, and wore our pajamas. I actually went to the party wearing jeans but changed into pajama pants after much coercion from many. I just don't think that pajama pants are all that flattering on my pregnant behind. It ended up being a very comfortable and fun evening. Zeb LOVED it too. He ran around all night with friends- drank WAY too much apple cider- and went to bed an hour later than usual.

I can't believe that it's Christmas- and that in one week we'll be on a plane to Utah!


Michelle said...

Leisy - your hair is gorgeous!! I love that picture of you.

I can't wait to let Zebby entertain me - and to hang out with you guys. Missing you!!

dockters said...

I thought the exact same thing about your hair, Leisy! It looks so pretty! We loved the ward party was great to just be in pjs.

M- your favorite said...

YEA!! I'll see you guys less then a week! That is great news!

Amy and Craig said...

Leisy you look so slim and sleek! Even when I'm NOT prego I don't look that good! Tell me your secrets! 3 more days of pregnant left for the rest of my life! do you think I'll ever miss it?