Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today we went to story time with Mrs. Claus. Zeb didn't care about her at all. I think he just thought she was an old lady. He wanted to jump out of her hands and get the cookie and milk they were handing out. Check out his rosy red cheeks. They've been like that all day! His eczema gets worse with the weather! Poor rugrat. He itches like crazy.He did however really enjoy the snow afterwards. It's the first time that enough has actually stuck for him to run around and play in. It really stressed him out that it stuck to his shoes. He kept looking down and saying "shoes! shoes!" in exasperation.


Katy said...

Skyler's cheeks get rosy when his asthma acts up. I wonder if that contributes to Zeb's too??

Hey I love the penguins in Toledo! Very clever! Made me laugh!

Pat and Brent said...

Wow, snow on the ground already. Who wouldn't want cookies over Mrs. Claus? She does look pretty nice though. Zeb looks like he's anxious to get away. Very focused on the treat!