Sunday, December 28, 2008

It seems when I've got the most going on in life- I take the fewest pictures! I finally got a camera cord- and now can get some pictures onto the bloggy blog.

The past few days have been fun and adventure filled. What's a Christmas break without at least a little bit of choas, right? I'll have to just post a start of our adventures because all of it will take some time.The few days before Christmas were spent last minute shopping and doing family stuff!

Zeb got his first four wheeling/sledding experience with Kent's family and seemed to have mixed emotions. It was chilly- but buckets of fun! Zeb enjoyed being on the four wheelers more than being pulled behind. I can't believe how much snow is here in Utah! The first four days we were here it never stopped snowing. I am in complete holiday heaven. Zeb can't stop pointing and yelling "snow! snow! snow!".

It has been so much fun for zeb to spend time with his cousins and get to know them better. He really didn't care too much the last times we've been here but now he's in heaven with all of the friends. I have a zillion more cousin pictures to post- but they'll have to wait. I do love this picture of Zeb and his cousin Krystal though- I think they have the same little nose.


Michelle said...

Wow. They DO have quite similar noses. I can't believe I never noticed.

That really was a fun time. Have I mentioned how happy I am you guys are here?!

Linz said...

They are so cute!!! What a fun time!

Cynthia and Steve said...

Glad you where it is cold and snowing and I am where it has stopped snowing and warmed up a little!

Yes, Zeb and his cousins noses look exactly alike- even Kaitlyn noticed (without prompting).

See you in a few days!!

tiff said...

fun fun fun glad you guys like the snow