Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't look too closely if you're grossed out easily (mom).

I have a freaking toothache and I want to DIE. Why do teeth have to hurt so bad ? I have a filling that fell out a bit ago (along with a small hunk of my tooth) and I scheduled an appointment to get it taken care of. I had to reschedule because of one of Zeb's appointments but it wasn't causing me any pain at that point so I wasn't stressed about the postponement (plus the dentist did take x-rays and saw it and wasn't too worried). Things have taken a turn for the worse and now I'm near self tooth extraction (okay- so it isn't THAT bad- but it still hurts). It doesn't help that I HATE going to the dentist. In Utah it was bearable because I had Dr. Peacock. Now I go to the scariest most horrendous dentist's office known to man. It's the only one I could find covered by our insurance. I called today to try and get in sooner than next Thursday and the receptionist told me I could go in tomorrow but the one dentist available only REMOVES teeth. She wanted to know if I still wanted to come in. Are you joking me!?! No, I don't want to LOSE my tooth. I got bumped up to Monday with a cavity filling dentist. To give you an even better idea of the horrendousness of this place, I will share with you a little about my first experience there last month. It's downtown and I was greeted by three signs on the front door of the office.

sign #1
"no prescription pain killers or medications are stored at this facility"

sign #2
"no weapons allowed on the premises"

sign #3
"any harassment (i.e., swearing, yelling, inappropriate conduct) directed at staff will result in permanent loss of services"

Also, when I filled out my new patient information sheet/questionnaire, one of the questions asked
"which of your teeth would you like to keep?" It really asked that. I answered "ALL!".

I'm trying to convince Kent to miss class so that he can come and hold my hand when I get the work done on Monday. I have no idea why I fear the dentist so much. Something about the drills and the shots in the mouth make me ridiculously sick to my stomach. I have dentaphobia. Apparently there is a "Dental Phobia Treatment Center" in New York- maybe I should look into it.

Here's my real toothache. It looks bad, huh? I'm terrified that it's going to be something FAR worse than a double filling. Kent assures me he saw much much worse in Nicaragua. Unfortunately that is NOT comforting and provides no solace. The dentist said he just needed to fill it, but when it comes to teeth I'm a worst case scenarioist. Wish me luck.


Laney said...

how did you get such a good picture of your tooth? and you are going to die at the dentist! that is bad! they are probably going to have to give you lots of shots in your mouth! ew ew ew! I'd rather die.

dockters said...

OUCH!! Please let me watch Zeb while you go get tortured!

Pat and Brent said...

I have to take advil just to make a dental appointment! Good luck. I'm glad you're not letting them pull it.

Nate and Jessica said...

Toothaches really are the worst, they ruin everything. Did you know I had Dr. Peacock to!?

Kent and Leisy said...

jess- didn't you love him?! I loved dr peacock.

heidi said...

My teeth hurt reading this and I'm getting really tense. I HATE the dentist too. HATE. Good luck.

Cynthia and Steve said...

Maybe after this horrible situation is over, you should change to the same dentist as Jenny S. so that you can come to a nicer area!

brittani c. said...

Oh, Leisy, I'm so sorry. I hope you find relieve and keep your tooth too.

Rachael said...

Scary, scary! I just had a tooth break like that, too, and for whatever reason - it hardly hurt but I was so paranoid that I wouldn't chew on that side. I did get in within a couple days, maybe that helped. The filling wasn't a big deal for me, but our dentist (who we really like) had to drill so deep that he barely exposed the nerve and warned me that a root canal is probably in my future. I hope, hope, hope that isn't the case for you!! So far, I'm okay but I'm a walking time bomb now - an expensive one.

I can not believe they actually ask which teeth you'd like to keep. That gives me the shivers!!

Michelle said...

hahahaha. I'm laughing so hard at Mom's comment right now. I seriously don't think I know anyone that enjoys going to the dentist. I CERTAINLY don't. It DOES help to have a dentist you trust ... at least then I don't just wait every 7 years or so to go.

Good luck. Those signs out front KILL me.

boysmum2 said...

Oh, pain!
Make sure you mention the pregnancy, although it is difficult to miss now, just so they don't give you any drugs you shouldn't have during this time.
Good luck, all will be better after Monday