Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life has been pretty busy the past two days getting ready to head out and wrapping everything up! Kent has his MAJOR test tomorrow morning- and at noon he is a free man!! at least for the next few weeks :) We celebrated prematurely this evening by getting some delicious pizza. Today, randomly, we got a coupon in the mail for a free one. I love when stuff like that happens- and for some reason we seem to have great luck with it here in Toledo.

Here's a lovely little pic of Z at the ward Christmas party last weekend. He has been such a happy little rugrat lately. He has his terribly whiny moments but they are more than made up for with his infectious smile and laugh (although I may not make that same claim during his fits). I can't wait to get him to Utah to see family. Basically you'll all be obsessed.

We've got another giant storm headed our direction tonight! I love the fresh snow and the cold- but I am still worried about our flights on Sunday. Everybody pray for non flight delaying weather.


Walnut said...

free pizza coupon the next day. reminds me of............its like rayeeyainnnnnn on your wedding day.
a free riyeeyide when you've already paid.

Susan said...

Zeb looks happy with that candy cane. BTW-I was at Target on Tues and I swear I saw Kent. I got all excited and looked around for you so I could say hi and never saw you. Then I see from your post you are still in Toledo. Does Kent have a twin, because whoever this guy was, he is the spitting image of Kent.

Cynthia and Steve said...

Did you get a free coupon for Vitos? We got one last month and really liked their pizza.

Laney said...

we think zeb looks just like leisy in this pic.