Thursday, January 29, 2009

only one more dang appointment to go. AHHHHHHHHH.

I cannot explain how relieved I am to have that over. Unfortunately it was all a little more dramatic than I would have liked. I arrived a few minutes before my appointment, signed in, and took a seat. They called me up- verified that I was Anneliese- and had me take my seat again. 64 minutes later a dental assistant came out and informed me that they were not going to be able to do the root canal today. WHAT?!?! Then she asked "is that going to be a problem?". I nearly went hysterical on her. I'm sure my lip was trembling as I explained to her that I was having a baby sometime in the next four days and I had passed up an earlier induction JUST so I could get this dental work done. Apparently they had made an error and thought they'd already called me in to do the root canal- and now it was lunch and they were all leaving!??! are you joking? how did they freaking miss me? I was sitting DIRECTLY in front of the receptionist! not to mention I am NINE MONTHS pregnant and I was the ONLY white person in the waiting room. The dentist was kind enough to stay through his lunch (and pick up his sick son late from school) just so he could do the root canal. I must have thanked him a zillion times.

The actual procedure was NOTHING like I thought it would be. It wasn't bad at all. The shot to the roof of my mouth on the other hand was killer. An epidural shot doesn't hurt that bad.
The worst part of the entire experience was being pregnant. Sitting on my back- at that awkward downward angle- was insanely uncomfortable. My back was aching and the fetus was FREAKING.
It was worth the discomfort however. I just feel so much better knowing that it is almost over! Only one more appointment to fill the gap. I still have a temporary filling and as you can see my gums are a little tender after everything- but right now the numbness has mostly worn off and I feel great- no real pain yet (I did take a few tylenol when I got home).

Just 24 more hours to go and we are set to go! although I am still planning for the fourth.


Katy said...

They forgot about you?? How do things like that happen? I am sorry that your experience was more trauma than necessary. Hope that the temporary lasts for the big delivery though!

Good luck!

brittani c. said...

Your labor and delivery is going to be a breeze after this.
I was going to write a post on not getting any special treatment since being pregnant, but this one takes the cake.

tiff said...

what kind of dr forgets someone it was really nice of the dentist to stay and do that for you good luck tomorrow

Linz said...

I can't believe they forgot you! Lame! It's a good thing that they stayed to do it! Of course, I'm not surprised. Who would say no to a crying pregnant woman? I am glad it's almost done!

Steve and Hailey said...

Yikes! That sounds awful. I HATE waiting forever for an appointment. I'm so glad that they fit you in (you wonder, what exactly were they doing for that 64minutes?)

I was sure you had the baby the other day because I didn't see a new post...I guess that's a good things considering the dental work.

Susan said...

I checked your blog today expecting to see pics of a baby, I didn't know you were having tooth problems. So I was a little surprised to see the inside of your mouth! Gald to know it got fixed, hope Kent's test goes well. Can't wait to see baby #2!

M- your favorite said...

That is just CRAZY!! I probably would have been up asking when my turn was. Sorry that just stinks! Who had Zeb? That just makes you so mad! I am so glad everything worked out okay, but if they didn't take you...OOH I would have been so mad! :) GOOD LUCK KENT! Todays the big day!

Annie O said...

STOP--I REPEAT STOP! showing pictures of your mouth and teeth. I want to read your blog without that horrible site gaping like an open wound and assaulting my senses and eyeballs. You know I hate to look inside anyone's mouth. Now I'm nauseous and it's only 9am.

Have a good day anyway and hold on until I get there!

Love ya

Erin said...

At nine months pregnant, I was ready to go postal any minute. Good for you for keeping it together and getting your appointment anyway. You use that pregnancy card as much as you can the next 4 days. ;)

Michelle said...

OMIHECK, Leisy! It is a DAM good thing he stayed and took care of you during his lunch break. I despise ... I repeat ... DESPISE with a passion waiting for appointments. An hour wait is extremely ridiculous.

Glad everything is going as planned. I hope the tests went/go well!

Keep in touch!

Love ya.

Outlandish McCandlish said...

Wow leisy you are good looking inside and out!! lol. Any who... I told you it wouldn't be as bad as you would think. I am also waiting to get my last appt to finish my root canal. So till then we are holey tooth buddies. Also how does one get such a picture of ones mouth?