Sunday, December 5, 2010

 Kent goes back to school/work on Monday and I'm pretty bummed.  We had a great past two weeks- but now Ike is a COMPLETE daddy's boy and wants nothing to do with me. Seriously.  He won't let me feed him, dress him, or even change his diaper.

This weekend we had a fabulous time just being together. We worked out, played, shopped a little, and watched Kent take part as one of the Wisemen in the live Nativity.  It's my nightmare- having to stand still and not talk for an hour- but Kent says it wasn't so bad. They actually got to talk to each other and move around if they needed to.
 These two rascals were a little rambunctious at the event so after we looked around for a bit- I took them to the nursery room and let them play with toys. They are such brothers. They love to chase each other, wrestle each other, race each other, and even hold hands.
Having them sleep in the same room is ridiculous. They giggle and laugh and squeal until one of them just can't take it anymore and zonks out.  Zeb tells Ike knock-knock jokes (that make ZERO sense) and then they both laugh and laugh and laugh. 

They also both LOVE my glasses right now.

Zeb has been acting pretty grown up lately.  I actually feel like we are real friends and I love it.  He got to go to Primary for a little while today and was so excited initially. Too bad he HATED it. It was kind of sad and cute at first. His eyes filled with tears and his lower lip sat and quivered- and then he just started wailing and it wasn't cute at all anymore.  He says next week he'll be ready and old enough and there won't be any tears. We'll have to see.  Any suggestions?! 
Ike is getting more and more manageable and his fits are far and few between. Have I mentioned how much easier of a toddler he is than Zeb was?! 

I can't believe that Christmas is so stinking close.  I can't wait for it.  I love this time of year- but I want SNOW!!!!


Michelle said...

A live nativity?! That's cool, Kent. Miserable sounding -- but, really neat for people to see ... and feel the spirit of it all.

Love the serioso faces in your glasses, Leisy.

I hope Zeb will enjoy primary next week. That's such a hard transition. A fun singing time usually seems to do the trick. :) (but - ya know - that's the singing time leader in me talking, haha!) Let him bring his own scriptures to hold.

I. LOVE. THIS. TIME. OF. YEAR. TOO!!! Don't mind not having too much snow, though.

Annie O said...

Well of course Kent was a wise man--perfect casting. And the boys in the glasses look like they'll be extremely intelligent (and nerdy) too.

See you in a few weeks!