Saturday, December 11, 2010

This week has been so looong.  Maybe it's cause we've been vomiting and spending lots of time in the bathroom.   I haven't had vomits like that in YEARS.  I'm so glad that it's all over.

In happier news- we finally got our first snow that stuck just a little!  Ike was so excited he could barely contain himself.  Once we got outside the day it snowed- he just kept giggling and pointing and yelling "Snow! Snow!".  And zeb has been begging to play in it nonstop!  Yesterday he asked me: "mom, why do some people not like the snow?  It's crazy and amazing!"  He must have heard people complaining about it at the gym or something- because I told him that I agreed- it is crazy and amazing.

 He played outside today with his friend Randy and the two of them had so much fun throwing snowballs. I even got to go for a run in Swan Creek (my park) and it was so nice with snow on the ground- but the sun shining!
 Ike doesn't like to actually touch the snow yet- but Zeb definitely does.  Zeb must take after me- because he even tasted it.  I remember when I was little that I LOVED to eat snow. I'd even bring it inside and make snowcones out of it with juice or koolaid. 


yaya said...

Looks like you got more snow than us...or maybe because I was in surgery all day on Fri. and when I left work it had melted! That last pic is beautiful!

Michelle said...

"Crazy and Amazing"!! hahaha. So dang cute!

Sorry about the sickies. Glad you guys are feeling better.