Thursday, December 2, 2010

As you can see- Ike really enjoyed his time at our family outing to Bass Pro Shops!  This is his favorite face of late and I can't tell if it's hideous or kinda cute- or maybe just hideously cute?  what do you think? 
Bass Pro shops has the COOLest Santa's Wonderland ever.  The fact that it's all free doesn't hurt at all! They've got remote control monster trucks and remote cars on racetracks to play with with - our two boys were in heaven. We may have been the only people there whose winter coats weren't hunting camo or bright orange- but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Zeb LOVED the snowball throwing arena.  There must have been ten kids in this big tent just going crazy hurling 'snowballs' at each other.
He also sat and watched the trains FOREVER.

and here's Zeb and Kent shooting their rifles.  I'm pretty sure it's the closest they'll get to shooting real guns.
The place really was amazing.  They had so many cool things to do.  There were crafts, coloring books, and- of course- Santa!  They even gave us Santa pictures for free! 
With Kent being off of work/school we've really gotten a good headstart on Christmas!  Zeb wakes up every morning asking if it's here yet.  The next 23 days are going to be looong!!  Luckily they are packed with all sorts of fun stuff to do.


Michelle said...

Laughing. Laughing. Laughing.

Going back to look again.


Oh man - that cute Ike - SUCH a funny little man.

What a cool place! Fun.

Annie O said...

Hideous! Good thing he's lovable!

Lindsay said...

We have "visit Santa at the Bass Pro Shop" on our list of things to do this month. I hear it's great. Looks fun!

Jessica said...

I think I saw you and your family there on Tuesday. You were watching the fish and we were walking upstairs.
I was amazed at all the fun, free things to do. Sure beats going to the mall to see Santa!

Jason & Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, Ike looks obese! It's so funny! That place looks so neat! I want to go!

dockters said...

Your boys look nearly identical in their picture with Santa! I love it!!

Miss you guys!

M- your favorite said...

OKAY that face! HAHAHHAHAHAH I love it! So funny! You cute in a funny way. He makes me laugh! Man I love your boys!

yaya said...

When Jack reads this I know he'll be crying because he wants to go there soooo bad..we keep saying we're going to stop on the way to Craig's one of these days. (and I know he wants to visit Santa) Cute pics and what a fun day!

Delaps said...

We don't need much of an excuse to head to Bass Pro Shop and it looks like you just gave us a good one.

Nate and Jessica said...

We have a Bass Pro Shop in Vegas but we've never gone...looks like we need to!