Tuesday, November 30, 2010

having our fun!

I never got around to posting- but Saturday we ran the Holiday Hustle and watched the glow in the dark parade in downtown Maumee. It's our fourth year in a row doing it- and it was definitely the coldest that I can remember!  The race was fabulous- but after we stopped and the sweat froze it became pretty miserable.

The race itself was especially fun because I ran with my 5K class. I just taught an eight week class at the YMCA called 'train to run your first 5k'.  It was so much fun. I loved the people in the class and I loved running the race with them!  I told them they need to run a warmer 5k before they decide to give up on running altogether. Most of them loved the race despite the frigid temps.

 Here is another shot with a bunch of the ladies from the class.
 A bunch of friends from church also ran it!
 We tried bundling up the rugrats as much as possible.  Ike fell asleep before the race even started- and Zeb loved seeing all of the Christmas lights!
 I didn't actually run in my pj pants- they were just keeping me warm until we got moving!  kent and I ran the race together and took turns pushing the stroller. These kids are getting so heavy.

 After the race- we waited for what seemed like FOREVER for the parade. We should have just gone home. It was waaay too cold and the parade was a little on the lame side this year.  Both kiddos were freezing- and I couldn't feel my toes. The idea of the parade is quite magical and festive- but the execution this year was lacking.
 On Sunday we stayed in all day to thaw out and relax.  We made our own thanksgiving dinner so we could eat leftover turkey sandwiches all this week! Plus I got a turkey for free at Meijer- so we had to cook it up before it went bad!
 We also put up our Christmas tree.  We caved and got a fake one last year on clearance (six bucks!).  I was sad but Kent said no more to the live trees.  He claims that he's still picking up pine needles from last year's fire hazard of a tree.  I think he just hid a stash somewhere and pulls them out periodically to show me.
and here are some funny pictures of Ike trying to do a somersault.  I really thought that he was going to snap his neck. It was ridiculous how far he'd bend on it before realizing he wasn't going to be able to flip over that way.
He is such a monkey.


Michelle said...

Sounds VERY cold!! You guys are troopers. Love Ike's cute somersault. Way-ta-go on your success with the 5K! You had a good sized class!

Annie O said...

Too funny of pix of the boys. Can't wait to see them in just 3 1/2 weeks! Also, please describe everything on your plate. I can't identify some of it.

Love ya! XXOO

Amy and Craig said...

I wish we'd known about your second Thanksgiving!! We woulda come home on Sunday instead and then hit your meal on the way home!! Just kidding! (I woulda brought pie, if it'd help!).