Monday, November 15, 2010

lots of pictures of crazy boys.

I think that all the rugrats did this weekend was PLAY.  These kiddos love to run around, wrestle, giggle, and be crazy.  And Ike likes to wear undies over his diapers.  He loves batman the most.  He tells us when (after) he goes to the bathroom and asks to sit on the toilet- but I am NOT ready to potty train so we talk about it a lot and I hope that he's just as excited about it in six or so more months :)
 Zeb was extra happy this weekend because his pal, Sam, was in town from Indiana.  They even got to have a sleepover one night.  They giggled and giggled a lot.

 We also got to go swimming with Sam- and lots of our other great friends!
 These blocks are some of Ike's favorite toys right now.  He loves to count them, stack them, and knock them down over and over and over again.
 These two also really love their bunkbeds. Ike is still sleeping in his crib- but I'm not as nervous about letting he and zeb climb up and down the ladder and play up top. Ike has such good coordination and really wants to be big like Zeb- so we let him play.  Zeb kept asking me to take a picture of his legs while he was up there. I think it looks rather creepy. Almost like it's just a pair of legs with no body. Zeb loves the shot.
 Kent gave the kiddos buzz cuts before church yesterday and I am so happy.  Their hair was getting very straggly.  I like short, easy hair.  Let's hope I don't get any girls.

And finally- their silly faces. Zeb taught Ike how to do it and I swear he's going to rip his face off or something. He does it constantly and pulls so dang hard on his cheeks! It's got to hurt.


yaya said...

Ike will be so easy to potty train..he already has the idea down and an older bro to show the way! They are so cute..can't wait to see them Thanksgiving day!

Michelle said...

LOOOOOOOOVE them so so so many!! Seeing just the everyday life and hangin' out is so fun! They both have the cutest personalities.

M- your favorite said...

Man I love those brown eyes! Can't wait to see them!

Kristen said...

They look like best buds! For a split second it made me want to give Sawyer a sibling and then reality struck and I realized I am so so so NOT ready for another child quite yet. Maybe in 3 more years. Tell Zeb good job on his leg photo idea. Very creative :)

Kaitlyn said...

boys in train underware are the new trend!LOL! hope you had fun with sam!