Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been the worst blogger and I have NO excuses. 

We've had a crazy warm weather burst this week and have spent many afternoons (and mornings) outside and it's been really really nice.

Yesterday it was unbelievably foggy (schools all over were delayed two or hours or canceled because it was so bad!) so we ventured out to see the creepy foggy woods.  By the time we were finished walking and I got out my camera the fog wasn't nearly as dense as it had been.  Driving to the park I couldn't even see the traffic lights until we were right at them.  I couldn't see peoples houses from the road! It was crazy.

 The fog must have mesmerized the boys because they sat very calmly and quietly the whole time we walked.  Usually they are squawking and driving each other berserk.
I LOVE the birds here in Ohio.  I really wish I'd had my bigger lens to get a better look at this cardinal.  He took off as soon as I got close.
I'm hoping for one or two more weeks of park weather- but we'll see :)


Michelle said...

You captured the fog really well! That looks so cool and mysterious.

I miss you guys more than you'll know when you miss several days of blogging. :) You've spoiled us! Better keep it up. ;)

Sure love those cute boys!

I'm so impressed with all of the classes you teach at the Y!! You are one talented momma!

dockters said...

We loved seeing you guys! Thanks again for letting Sam spend the night! He loved it.

yaya said...

Love that last shot..that's truly an Ohio fall captured!

M- your favorite said...

That is beautiful! Sure loved talking to you guys! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!