Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the rest of them, in no particular order.

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins sunday morning before church. Zeb had been so excited about the event and then was utterly disgusted with it all.
Here he is telling us that the pumpkin guts are 'really really gross'.
He wouldn't touch our traditional stew in a pumpkin either.  Ike loved it, though!  It really is such a good stew.  We did homemade wheat rolls, too.  I love Halloween dinner.
Halloween evening we discovered that Ike is TERRIFIED of ghosts.  I think it was Kent and Zeb that started it all. They were just playing and pretending there were ghosts and Ike got really really scared.  The next two pictures are his reactions to the ghost. 

One of sheer terror.
The other - a blood curdling scream.
Last Friday Kent took the kiddos trick or treating in downtown perrysburg.  It's one of my favorite things to do here in toledo- but I couldn't make it because I've been roped into teaching ART CLASSES at the Y!  A friend had to leave on an emergency for a few weeks and I've taken over most of the little kid art classes :)  I've actually really enjoyed it depsite the fact that I have no artistic abilities.

The boys had a fabulous time with Kent and their pals.  I think Kent may have been the only trick or treating dad- but he's a natural at it- better than me in fact :)  I did have to steal some pictures from my friend, Alison (thanks!), though- because Kent said that both kids AND the nice camera was too much to handle.  I think he knows that it would be better for me to damage my camera than him.

The monkey and the elephant!

 most of the kiddos.
plus we did a little bit of trick or treating as a family!
 I'm so glad that it's all over. I can't handle any more candy. We still have so much I don't know what to do with it all. Luckily it just doesn't look as good as it did last week


Michelle said...

HA! -- Zeb's "pumpkin guts are really gross" look is just priceless.

I really like Halloween - but, I have to admit - I'm really glad it's finally over, too. LOL.

That picture of you and Zeb at the bottom is so cute. You and Kent are such cute and fun parents!

Jason & Shannon said...

I love that you put on the alien hat! It's so cute and fun. Poor Ike being scared of ghosts.

Justin and Jules said...

A friend told me she just saves the left over candy to decorate ginger bread houses. That's our plan!

Amy and Craig said...

I love that you wore the alien hat!