Sunday, November 21, 2010

Their faces are going to stick like this.

 Zeb makes funny faces all day and begs for me to take pictures so that he can see them all.  He's getting pretty good at a lot of faces.

Earlier this week I had to shower while Ike was awake- so I put on a movie for he and Zeb. I came out to find Ike with this. 
 Who does this?!  I have no idea where he came up with the idea to play with the drawer from the dishwasher.  Luckily it was empty.  He loved that it had wheels.  Such a weirdo.
 Kent worked his last crazy week this week and we started our celebrations on Saturday!  He has the next two weeks completely OFF!   no work. no school. nothing.

He surprised me on Saturday by getting a babysitter and taking us to Harry Potter. I am not ashamed to admit that Harry Potter plays an important role in the foundation of our marriage. Number seven did NOT disappoint. I LOVED it.  I want to go and see it again.
I wanted to take a picture at the theater to document our fun but Kent has a hard time with pictures in dark places. His eyes can NOT stay open with the flash.  I bet we took 30 pictures (before the movie started). Seriously.  Finally (after six years of marriage) we realized that if he just doesn't look at the camera directly- he can keep his eyes open. That's why this picture looks so ridiculous.
 And now we are rereading number seven. I didn't remember ANYthing.  It was ridiculous.  I can't wait for the second movie to come out. I really love harry pottter.


brittani c. said...

Funny how you said that HP is a foundation in your marriage. I never in a million years thought I could get Andrew to even take a sniff into the world of Hogwarts. It has been a gradual process, but he now likes the movies. Some day, he might sit down with our children and finally read the books. He has even asked if when we were going to see #7! A miracle has happened, yes?

Glad you loved the movie. I will have to reread #7 and plan for a time to see the movie...probably just in time for the next one to come out this summer.

Cynthia said...

your picture in the theater cracks me up.
Glad Kent finally has a break and you guys got to get out to see HP.

Michelle said...

I am laughing my HEAD off!!! At both Kent AND Ike!

I can honestly say I have never heard of a kid pulling out the dishwasher drawer to play with. It's so cute that he was thrilled with the wheels on it! (I love him in his Ohio sweatshirt too!)

Zeb's funny face is reeeeeeallly good.

We loved HP 7 too! Seeing the movie made we want to re-read. But - it seems to have followed the book (as a remember it, anyway) really well. We'll see! :)

Hope you guys have a fun 2 weeks together!

Jessica said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!

Amy and Craig said...

Hey! me too! We saw it on saturday and I get ridiculously excited to see each movie and re read the books and rewatch the movies in prep for the new movie coming out. Let's hope you guys go to Dayton, then we can go together to see the next one (I am trying to talk craig into dressing up!!!).

M- your favorite said...

KENT- That is so funny that you can't keep your eyes open! HAHAHAH! I told mom about this and she said you got it from Grandma Miller- I guess she could never keep her eyes open either. LOL