Sunday, November 7, 2010

our comings and goings

 Last week was one of the busiest I've had in AGES!  I taught nine different classes at the Y- including 'hip hop dance'.   It was ridiculous and crazy.  This week should slow down a little- even thought Kent works 96 hours and I'm getting two crowns (bleggg).

We went and visited Kent at the hospital before church today to kill time.  Gaining an hour of time has never been so miserable.  No naps with waking up early plus one o'clock church with no husband and topping it off with fasting made for one crummy day. Oh- and did I mention that Ike has a major diaper rash on his little man parts?!  the poor kid has been on and off screaming all day.

This little rascal LOVES to throw things.  In nursery awhile back they asked me if we trained him at home to throw everything?!  umm, yeah.  we hand him things and say 'throw it, Ike! throw it!'.  The kid just likes to chuck stuff. I have to be extra careful at the grocery store down the aisles.

He's also still afraid of ghosts. He cries and weeps 'scaaaary ghost! scaaaary ghost!' and points to random corners of the house.

Isn't he adorable in this picture?! so grown up and snazzy.
Right now Zeb and I are on really good terms.  I think we're pretty good friends. He tells me he loves me the most.  I tell him that he's my favorite.  He likes to 'obey' and he forgives me when I get snappy.  Three is a good age for this critter and his mom.

 I love this picture.  Zeb and Ike were so intrigued with Kent's cleaning out of the vacuum.  They love sitting with him and 'doing things'.  He's much better about sitting with them for extended periods of time and just talking to them or teaching them.  I think I get lots of sitting and talking time with them in the car- so at home I'm not as good at it.  We'll just pretend that's the case, anyway :)


Nate and Jessica said...

Super super handsome kiddos.

Cynthia said...

Ike looks 5 in the top grownup!

Delaps said...

I like the picture with the sunglasses on the head. I can just picture him as a teenager!

Michelle said...

VERY snazzy! Kent is so good at "teaching" and "explaining". I loved how he would use the biggest words he could think of when he talked to Marissa as a baby. :) That kind of parenting = smart kiddos! And you BOTH do it! No wonder you have geniuses in the making.

Anonymous said...

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