Friday, November 26, 2010

mmm good.

With our beautiful crazy fun host and this giant delicious turkey, our thanksgiving was perfect!
We spent the day playing outside with Eddy and running through the creepy woods,
going on a great after meal walk to make room for the best desserts EVER,
playing a few rounds of 'pin the hat on the turkey',
watching football and toy story three,
and just being with family laughing and laughing.
 There were 25 people for dinner!  and here are just a fraction of the shoes.
 The starkeys are the most gracious hosts- always willing to share their home and food with us and let our raucous children run amuck.  I really can't express just how great it is to have 'family' close by!  It was too wet for the AK 47s this year- but they promised we'd get to have some fun next time we came to town!

Oh- and, of course, we ate and ate and ate. I still feel bloated.
The day was wonderful. Down to the very last second -which was spent at midnight waiting in line for 12:01 to strike so we could buy, buy, buy!  :)  more on our shopping adventures in a later post!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving!  Now let the Christmas festivities commence.  Bring on the snow and the decorations and the music, please.


Michelle said...

Ha! Great post. Oh, how I love the holidays. Sure makes that empty space extra big without you here! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Can't wait for your shopping post.

yaya said...

We had a blast and we're so happy you could come with your family and Laney's clan too! I know that Amy feels a little closer to home when you are here. The kids were so good too! Hope you got tons of bargains at the sales...can't wait to see what you scored!

boysmum2 said...

Happy thanksgiving to you all. WOW what a bird, but with 25 for dinner you needed it.

Jason & Shannon said...

Yay for holidays! Looks like you guys had fun.

Steve and Hailey said...

We missed you guys! We had Steve's brother and girlfriend and it was tons of fun, but I did think about you guys a lot and wish I could be in two places at once! I can't wait to hear about your black Friday deals!

M- your favorite said...

Hear, Hear- Bring on Christmas! I love this time of year!

Kaitlyn said...

sounds delious!