Tuesday, December 7, 2010

 Days like today are the real reason I LOVE this time of year.  Kent got off early from work and we got to spend the day together SHOPPING!  I really don't love to shop but something about working retail for so many years has made me crazy about Christmas shopping. I love it. I love being in the stores and seeing all of the decorations and hearing all of the music and meeting other shoppers and buying gifts!
 After our long day we came home and sent our letters off to Santa and read Christmas stories.
This is the first year that Zeb has been VERY specific about what he wants for Christmas.  I thought for sure we were toast.  He is completely SET on the fact that Santa is bringing him a Blue Lightning MacQueen that has silver wheels with shiny piston cups on them.  I had NO idea what he was talking about. I had to google it.  It turns out it's a toy he played with MONTHS ago at a friend's house.  We hadn't talked about it since then- hadn't seen it anywhere-and I didn't even know it existed!  I searched SEVEN stores and FINALLY found it at a Walmart in one of the outlying communities here in Toledo. $3.50. Mission accomplished. We should have a very happy three year old Christmas morning. 


Michelle said...

I love how specific he his. So dang cute! He writes his name really well!

I made Tyler take a half day off tomorrow so we can get some "Christmas" errands run. SO. BUSY!! But - just like you said - it's fun, too.

Jason & Shannon said...

How cute! (And very nice that it was a very reasonable price!) I also love how he signed his name!

Kristen said...

How fun! I agree that after working in retail I love the whole festive atmosphere around Christmas time at all the shops. It makes me happy! Reading Zeb's wish list for Santa makes me excited for the day Sawyer can actually articulate to me what he wants. Right now it's a lot of pointing, jabbering and whining until I figure out what it is he's after.

M- your favorite said...

I love christmas time! I dreed shopping. I do not like the crowds and the hassle and bussle. I have never been very good with shopping- But it needs to be done for christmas!

Zeb is darling! I love him!