Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the blizzard of 2011!

 We didn't get hit nearly as hard as Chicago or parts of Michigan- but we got enough of a combination of snow ice and sleet for Toledo to declare a level 3 snow emergency!  woohoo.  We legally weren't allowed to be on the roads so I didn't have to teach at the Y and Kent didn't have to go to work!  It's been a lovely snow day. Everybody knows how much I love my snow :)
We took the monkeys out to play for awhile once the sun started shining.  It's 1pm here. And, yes, those are still their pajamas under the coats and boots.
I made kent fall repeatedly in the snow so I could get a good picture. Our neighbors, the felts (pictured in the background here), made a cute little snowman in front of their building and Zeb told us he wanted to kick it down! When Kent asked him why, he replied: "Snowmen are bad people. They scare me."!  I have no idea where he came up with that idea.  Needless to say we did not let him knock it down- but Kent did tell him that snow men come alive at night and tap on windows. 
The snow tasted lovely and my shapka kept me toasty and warm.
Zeb didn't want gloves and only lasted about twenty minutes playing.

We ran down to the office to warm up and get cookies from Ellen- and by the time we walked back to our place- the sky was gray again and more snow was falling!  I think when all is said and done tonight we'll have reached possibly 12 inches.  Nothing too crazy- but fabulous enough for a snow day. For now I've got to go and eat some of the fresh cookies Kent just pulled out of the oven!
 It's days like today that remind me of just how perfect my life is. Best husband, greatest place to live, fab kids, and just lots of happy.


Pat and Brent said...

What a fun day - it's a real bonus. Only you guys can turn a 3 alarm storm into a walk in the park.

Maybe you shouldn't be frightening your children of snowmen. There are too many other things they need to beware of.

yaya said...

Great pics..especially Kent in mid fall! We had more ice than snow and of course our patients made it to did all of us! Have fun!

Michelle said...

Definitely lots of happy! Love the pics of you in the snow, Leisy - so cute!

Poor Zebby and the scary snowmen ... that's kinda sad and funny all at once.

I want some of Kent's fresh from the oven cookies!!