Saturday, February 26, 2011

 The past week has been nutso!  we took a last minute trip down to Dayton to take a look at the house we want- and we loved it.  We should find out this weekend if we are getting it!  five minute walk from a splash pad-  the air force base, children's hospital, church, and ymca are each about 7-9 minutes away and it's close to parks, libraries, running/bike trails, and has a great yard and community pool!!!  cross your fingers everybody!

 I don't have any pictures of Zebbo lately- but this other little guy is full of faces and acts that get pictures.  He's so two.  He's in the "I can do it myself" phase.  And that's the phrase I hear most often from him.
Just the other day I heard him in his room during his nap- and found him here. He'd climbed out of his crib, undressed himself, found his car slippers and was checking out the snow.  Zeb never went through this phase and Ike is making me CRAZY!!  it slows down everything we do and everywhere we go!! ahhhhh.
At least he's cute!

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Jason & Shannon said...

Oh my goodness that picture is adorable!!!