Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We had a snow day of sorts yesterday.  After a nearly twenty minute car deicing and then our trip to the gym with a fall on the black ice -we holed up inside for the rest of the day.
Luckily- since it was President's day and the forensics rotation is at the county coroner's office- Kent had the day off.  He helped with the car deicing while I took pictures :)
Ice storms really are pretty amazing, but I sure wouldn't mind a garage on days like these.  And speaking of garages- we just turned in application for the PERFECT house in Dayton (it has a two car garage) so say a little prayer for us that we get it. There are a lot of people interested in it so we've got to send some of our positive vibes it's way.
 I can't believe how this ice can just coat everything. 

We tried to keep the kids entertained all day with something besides the tv and they spent a lot of time with their playdough machine.  I got this contraption for 90% off at meijer!  Kent especially loves it!
We do now have playdough chunks all over the house- but it's worth the time z and Ike are distracted!
 Kent and Ike napped while Zeb and I worked on reading the 'starfall' books. It's the best kid's reading website ever.
 And then we ended up making cookies for fhe.  Kent and I think this pic of Zeb looks a lot like Daysa.  Maybe it's the skeewompous lips.


Jason & Shannon said...

He does look like Daysa in that pic! That ice looks like such a pain, but the pictures are very pretty.

dockters said...

Good luck with the house!!! You have amazing luck...so I don't even doubt for a minute that you won't end up somewhere just perfect (even if this house doesn't work). And a garage is heaven...pure heaven!! :)

Kristen said...

It's true, you really do have amazing luck so I'm thinking the house is already yours! At least I hope so! Zeb really does look a lot like Daysa in that past photo. Keep us posted on your packing!

yaya said...

Prayers going out for the house! I hate ice storms..will take the snow over that anytime! Sweet pic of Kent and Ike.

Nate and Jessica said...

I can see the resemblance!

Michelle said...

Holy ICE!! That is craaaaaazy!

Fingers crossed for the house to be yours!!

Cassidy said...

Those pictures make me so very very happy that I don't live there anymore.

Susanna George said...

We just experienced our first ice storm a few weeks ago. Josh spent forever chipping the ice off his car, and then he watched the neighbor come out with a couple of cups of hot water, pour it on the car, and go. We learned what to do for next time. Luckily we will be in our house soon and we will have a garage again....yay!!!