Monday, February 7, 2011

We got DUMPED on again this weekend with snow!  I wasn't expecting an additional six inches on Saturday- but I was happy to see it come!  This time there weren't any crazy winds and no ice accompaniment- so it is just plain beautiful.  I ran the 'Blizzard Breakfast Predictor' race Saturday morning and it snowed like CRAZY.  By the time I was finished my eyelashes were crusted in snowflakes and ice!  And I WON.  Definitely the first and last race I'll win- but I won nonetheless :)  It was a seven mile race where you have to predict how long it will take you to run it.  Then- you run with no watches/timers/etc.  The runner closest to their predicted time wins.  I guessed my time SPOT on. To the exact second.  I won a fancy water bottle and fifteen dollars :)  Since the race only cost 5 to run- and they fed us breakfast- I made off quite nicely :) 

The rest of the weekend was spent just having fun!  The past year (since Kent returned from Texas and Dayton) has been PURE HEAVEN. Kent is usually home every day by five- often at 2 or 3!  He doesn't have tests to study for- he doesn't ever work weekends or holidays- and we just get to have fun! I know that starting this summer life is going to change dramatically so I'm milking it all while I can now.

Here's Zeb acting like a monkey at the sliding door.

On saturday afternoon we finally relented and took them to play outside in the snow even though it was getting dark.

And earlier on Friday night we spent the evening at the Y for family night.  I really hope the Dayton Ys are equally as fabulous as ours here!!!


Linz said...

Congrats on winning the race! You must know your running self very well!! :) Cute pictures! I love that one of Zeb hanging on the door! Too funny!

Nate and Jessica said...

So glad you are having some time with Kent! Life is just so much better when hubbies are around.

Michelle said...

I really am done with the snow. :) You guys got a TON! Love those cute boys!

Great job on the race. That's super cool that you were able to run the exact time that you guessed. WOW!

M- your favorite said...

Nice Job!

The boys are to cute!