Thursday, March 10, 2011

 I got terribly sad today thinking about Toledo. We had playgroup at the downtown library and I just got to thinking that it may be the last time we go! There are so many things about Toledo that I absolutely LOVE and the library system is definitely one of them.  The downtown library is especially cool because there's an entire floor dedicated to the children's section.

Check out this picture of when Zeb was a little rugrat. I think he's about nine months old here. He's got one fatty face.

Today I showed him the mural with our last name on it and now that he's reading - he asked: "Mom, what's an ass?".
Usually my kiddos have a hard time sitting through all of storytime- but today they did pretty well.  Zeb looks so big headed here!   In reality- his head is not that large
I love this picture because these kiddos all jammed into this car pretending to go on an adventure.  They got seven  kids in there.
Here's Ike with his very very best pal, Avery. I don't know how he'll survivie without her.  The two of them can be quite mischevious in nursery music time and at the Ymca kidzone.
I realize that we are going to have many fabulous adventures in Dayton- but I have a hard time believing they can live up to the ones that we've had here in Toledo. I'm going to have to try my best to make sure they are just as good.


yaya said...

Awww..Toledo needs to give you a medal and the key to the city and a tourism job. Seriously, most people cry when they have to live there. Many things in this post made me laugh..first Zeb's chubby cheeks, second his question, third, the car full of kiddos..reminds me of myself at 16 and the only one of my friends who had a car..packed it full on weekends! Finally, I know you will love Dayton because that's just how you are, always finding the best in everyday life.

dockters said...

I remember Zeb with those chubby cheeks!! Crazy that was so long ago now! Leaving Toledo will be hard, but think of all the great adventures and friends that are ahead!!

Renae said...

I figure you can live anywhere and be happy, it all depends on who you're with (and a great attitude). I'm still bummed about life after June. When Avery starts thanking Heavenly Father for people in her life, the first one after our family is Ike.