Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I didn't get to post the last pictures of our kiddos with henry and milly!

Laney and Taylor got back late late Tuesday night and spent the morning with us the next day before they left.
They brought back some plastic alligators from the everglades and the boys loved them!
I didn't think that Milly really missed her parents all that much until they got back.  It was the happiest we'd seen her in six days.  It was probably the happiest we'd been in six days, too.

Notice Laney's red arms and legs in the background. They got a lot of nice sun while we enjoyed snow and cold here in Toledo!
Saying goodbye was pretty rough. There were lots of tears (of sadness for the kids but of joy for us) and some wailing. 
All in all it was a fun six days- and we made off with some good souvenirs ourselves!


dockters said...

I can't believe how much these cousins look alike! Glad your survived life with 4 kids!!

And happy birthday...tomorrow!!

Nate and Jessica said...

Souvenirs rock. I want to always bring home souvenirs for my kids.

Annie O said...

I'm worried about what Zeb is doing in the last pic. They look like three little monkeys in trouble.

Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!

Laney said...

Has anyone else noticed that bruise on Henry's head? Yesterday at church Henry turned to me and said, "Zeb's Dad says we can't spit at church. Uncle Kent says, No Sptting!"

Pat and Brent said...

Happy birthday!