Thursday, March 3, 2011

The sun has returned to Toledo and my camera is thanking me.  The one window in our living room is finally living up to its job and lighting up our house!  I do love the spring when the sun comes back out! and I'm grateful for such a snowy winter that makes the spring all that much better!

We are still working on getting Ike to admit that he's two.  He's adamant about that fact that he is only one.  Here he is trying to explain it to me. 

This is the most ridiculous age.  He canNOT be reasoned with AT ALL.  In fact- right now- he's in his room SCREAMING at the top of his lungs because he is in time out and won't say the simple word 'sorry' to zeb.  I'd let him out if he would and he knows it.  He just refuses to say it.

In this picture he's yelling 'hide! hide! a monster!".
 Kent has been home a lot lately and when he's home he LOVES to turn up the music really loud to clean- read- or just play around with the kids. It drives me BONKERS but everybody else LOVES it- so I let it be for a little bit.  The kiddos love to play freeze dance and they've got quite the moves.  Here's rugrat #2 jumping like crazy.
And here's #1 in one of his 'frozen' moves.
Zeb is very happy to show his true age and inform you that as soon as he turns four- we are moving to Dayton.  He also thinks we are 'finding' a baby when we get to Dayton. I've told him several times that we won't be 'finding' a baby that soon. It will be a while yet :)


Annie O said...

Ike isn't telling you his age--he's telling you his status. He's number 1!

See you in a few weeks!

Love ya,


yaya said...

I understand Ike's age dilema...I keep telling everyone I'm 21, but they keep insisting I'm not...what do "they" know anyway. The dancing and loud music sounds like a ton of fun, how do the neighbors like it? I know in that sweet new house you can blast that music to high heaven!

Cassidy said...

When Emry was two, she had to put her nose on the wall for 3hrs and 45 minutes because she refused to say, "I'm sorry I spanked Mama. Mama is the boss. I will do what Mama says." She had not eaten breakfast but pushed past her hunger because she refused to admit wrong doing. I'm so glad times have changed for her. Ike is so super cute. I love seeing his quietly stubborn personality come through the pictures.