Tuesday, March 8, 2011

 Preschool was at our place today and I'm oh-so-grateful that Kent was home to help. 
I much prefer teaching teenagers to these rugrats- but we still had fun :)

Kent made paper airplanes for everybody so that we could 'fly' to Australia.
While in Australia we learned all about Marsupials and the Outback.  Besides being afraid of the the Tasmanian Devil shrieking/fighting movies we watched- I think the kids enjoyed their adventure.
 Zeb loves school- but he's a little bit bossy.  I can't imagine where he got that trait :)


Michelle said...

What fabulous ideas!! Super fun preschool.

I love bossy Zeb. He and Krystal will have a good ol' time bossing each other around in a few weeks, I'm sure. :)

Jill Lau said...

very fun idea and I am happy you guys get to go to Australia. It will be fun to hear about your trip!

yaya said...

So fun..atleast for the kiddos! I bet you are getting really excited about the trip. I'm sure you'll have a great time, but has someone warned the Aussies that you're coming? Love the masks! Hey, that's just perfect for today: Mardi Gras! (Fat Tuesday!)

Kim Thomas said...

I love the masks! Mia is really into making her own masks right now-not sure why, but she would have loved those. By the way, I love having Zeb in singing time. He is so cute and sings out! So much FUN! If you have to teach a group of 'rugrats' you've got the best group around!

Steve and Hailey said...

That describes Jack to a "T" and I'm afraid I can see where he gets it. :) Too much teacher in me?

LauraJ said...

Love the airplane idea! I'm teaching preschool this week and we are going to China on Thursday (Brazil yesterday) - Robert is going to make all the kiddos airplanes. Love the idea!!! Thanks for being brilliant :)