Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maybe we'll just have two.  Who needs more anyway?  Because- honestly- I don't know if our marriage can handle four kids.

It's been a crazy four days!  only two more to go!
The hardest part has been that we don't have a car that fits all of us!   With the help of friends (thanks!!) and when kent's home- we have been able to get out and have some fun. We've been to the gym several times, gone to the gymnastics center for free play, to the play place at McDonalds and we've just run around outside some.
But, honestly, sometimes the easiest way to handle these kiddos is to put them in front of a movie!  there's no screaming, fighting, or tears.  And occasionally it puts them to sleep!
These kiddos really do enjoy each other- but four rugrats under the age of three are EXHAUSTING! especially with only two bedrooms and one living space!!  Our big vacation coming up is much needed and will be well deserved!!
Henry and Milly don't seem to be missing their parents too much.  Milly thinks I'm Laney and Henry says he likes living at our house :) 


Annie O said...

Thanks for posting the pix! They are so cute together. Did Henry decide he likes the Y after all? And have you taken him to the gap so he won't be so homesick?

HowellAZ said...

Ha! I never thought about that particular advantage of being twins...your kids think you're both 'mom'!
Looks like you are handling the four kiddos really well. I'm sure most of my hair would be missing by now.