Saturday, March 3, 2012

coming home.

We are so so so lucky that my dad could come into town to take care of the rugrats while baby metta made her entrance.  I have no idea how we would have survived without him.  We spent all day wednesday, thursday, and part of friday at the hospital and it was so nice to not be stressed about the boys at home.  

Gramps brought them to the hospital to visit miss metta thursday morning.  Zeb came in with such curiosity. He looked all around until he saw her and then walked right over .  He was really excited and wanted to hold her immediately.  Ike, on the other hand, was a little apprehensive.  He smiled for this picture but then wanted nothing to do with her.

Check out Zeb's smile.
and this sequence of pictures of Ike is hilarious.  He was not about to be forced into an introduction.

If I look pale and exhausted here- it's because I was.  Dang girl stayed up all night feeding every hour until five- just in time for the parade of doctors and nurses to start coming in for exams/vitals, etc.  I was super grumpy.  This is why I don't like newborns.  DANG hardwork. And as nice as it was to have a 2 day hospital 'break'- I was done getting my abdomen squashed and my blood taken.
Here we go home.   I can't believe this is our third time doing this. I remember going home with Zeb and being terrified about what could be ahead.  Although now that I know what's ahead- it isn't that much less terrifying.

Home has been really pretty nice.

Zeb has been reading to Ike lately and now says he'll let metta listen, too.  Luckily Ike is pretty fast to follow Zeb's example in everything and seems to be accepting metta more and more.
We got home in the afternoon and Kent had to go back to work at seven. I felt so bad for him- he was still so exhausted!!   I was too- but I still have my dad here to help with the boys!

Miss metta did really well her first night. She gave me a four hour stretch (and I had to wake her up at the four hour mark)- and then three more hours here and there. She looks to be a great sleeper like her brothers were.  And Kent finished nights this weekend so he'll be around at night to rock her back to sleep after I feed her.  I'm so glad that he loves babies.


Jason & Shannon said...

So cute!

Emilee said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

LauraJ said...

Congrats! I'm so impressed you got that baby when you wanted her and I'm doubly impressed you could do all those exercises 9 months pregnant - you are superwoman indeed!

Your kids are all adorable - she is a doll! Thanks for the stories and updates, so fun! Congrats to all of you again -
Laura said...

You will always be my fellow non-fan-of-newborns. She is sooo sweet though.

ahewitson said...

Loved the pics of Ike. I totally agree with you about the hospital, though. I hated my stay when I had Alice. Not only did I hate the constant pushing on my abdomen but the dang nurses wouldn't let me sleep! I was so emotional and crabby. I am so happy for you guys!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

I have pictures of Quincy acting JUST like Ike when she first met Ava. I would love to have your boys come over to play after your dad is gone - I am sorry you are so tired.

tiffany said...

she is super cute congrats with baby #3

Justin and Jules said...

She is such a pretty baby! I'm glad she's sleeping for you cause having huge amounts of no sleep is the WORST! Can I get an amen!

Lindsay said...

A Girl! On Leap day! Love it!

Congratulations. She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

these are such cute cute pictures! and you look freakin awesome!

Renae said...

She IS so cute. I love her red hair and blue eyes. She reminds me of Zeb and you. :) May she be a great night sleeper!

Kim T. said...

Congrats, Millers!
What a beautiful baby girl!