Tuesday, March 13, 2012

new faces.

 having a new rugrat gives me lots more reasons to take pictures- and that means more blogging.   I think the boys are happy that I have someone else to pester with the camera!

my babies are notorious for getting a bit ugly shortly after birth.  it doesn't last forever- but it's that goofy newborn phase.  I've always been one to think that most newborns are funny looking.  Metta seems to be no different.  Maybe it's just because of the funny faces she makes.
she's following the footsteps of Ike and not pooing- which leads to some of the funny faces. We are going on four days of no poo- but I'm not so stressed this time around.  Ike went eight days and I guess it's perfectly fine and normal (so says the in house pediatrician). She has her two week follow up this week and we'll check her weight gain then to make sure she isn't having any growth issues.  do any body elses breastfed babies not poo for days on end at this age?!
 little metta has the longest fingers compared to her brothers at this age!!  her toes are long, too. I'm not sure where they came from!  and I'll be shocked if she's tall.
I'm pretty surprised at how many girl clothes I actually have!  with my preemptive yard sale shopping- and hand me downs from laney- plus gifts from friends- this little girlie is already well dressed and accessorized :)
 she may be drowning in some of her church dresses- but they are cute!


Michelle said...

She is SUCH a sweetie!! That last pic is just to die for. :)

I love her darling Sunday dress - so pretty.

Yay! For lotsa blogging and pictures!

Jason, Kodi, Jake and Tyler said...

I'm trying not to be such a huge blog stalker...and that means commenting. I hope you don't mind! You're kids are so cute and Metta makes me baby hungry! My last baby (who was breastfed) didn't poop for a little over a week. It freaked me out so I started looking up natural ways to fix it (q tips with vaseline!?) Anyway, I ended up just waiting and he finally pooped. Again and again and again! Good Luck!
toadylynn at excite dot com

M- your favorite said...

OOH MAN! I love her! i have a couple of braclets coming your way for metta. also a little birthday suprise. I hope I send it all in time. i just need to get to the post office. ok sure love you guys!

Laney said...

She's going to poop one of these days and there will be poop everywhere! Just hope it doesn't happen when you are out and about like what Milly did at the Gap.

HowellAZ said...

That newborn stage is so unique - I'm glad they don't stay that way forever though! I know our little Eden went quite a number of days without pooing followed by some serious blow-outs! Fun to see all the pictures of little Metta - actually, I'd love to see some of her and her aunt at that age side by side!

Rachael said...

yep - we've had that same issue with our babies. They are like little grumpy, gassy time bombs. :) But we all survive. I love the first two pictures... they make me think of the picture books Charlie and Lola for some reason. I love the newborn phase just because it doesn't last long. So sweet and scrunched up!!

boysmum2 said...

Cute and adorable, love the pictures