Monday, March 5, 2012

metta spaghetta

We're getting things back to normal around here- just in time for our spoiler/babysitter/cleaner to leave! My dad leaves tomorrow and the boys are going to be devastated. and terribly bored. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when there's nobody to hand off rugrats.
Ike came down with a terrible earache last night and has been MISERABLE ever since. The antibiotics better kick in by the time gramps' flight leaves tomorrow.  Honestly- it is so sad to see him in this much pain. It kills me.  He's on motrin and tylenol and antibiotics and he's still shrieking. He looks pretty happy here- but he's between waves of the pain.
Plus- I'm terrified he has rsv or something causing the earache (he's got a cough, too) and we are all washing/using antibacterial stuff a gazillion times a day. I thought march would be in the clear- but sick season is just peaking here in dayton- and my house is full of disease vectors (two toddlers and a pediatrician!!).  
Zeb is totally healthy- but a little grumpy.  He's been giving a lot angry faces and stomping his feet everywhere.  I think he's just adjusting. It was waaaaaaaaaay worse when Ike was born so I'll take this anyday.

metta spaghetta had a follow up visit yesterday and I had to get labs done to check my platelets.  It turns out she's a little jaundice.  I've never had a jaundice baby- but she isn't too bad. Her eyes were really yellow on Sunday- but she's been pooing a lot so I think she's almost cleared the bili out.

Thus the smiling faces.  she's pretty gassy
 you can almost see the yellow tint to her sclera.
 she really is a great sleeper- and will do to 2 three or four hour chunks at night now.


Jill Lau said...

I hope little Metta stays healthy...that is always scary. It sounds like Ike isn't loving on her constantly so hopefully that will help. She is adorable! Good luck with your Dad being gone.

The Ziemers said...

so cute! you take great pictures! and congrats leisy!

boysmum2 said...

So cute, all of them, hope Ike gets well soon. When Alex was born Ben got Pneumonia, worst week of my life, a new born and a sick 2 yr old!

Amber and Travis said...

I love the new pictures of Metta! She is adorable! And I think Zeb's angry face is pretty cute. Let me know if you need any help after Grandpa leaves!

Laney said...

almost makes me want another baby.

dockters said...

These are such great photos! I love baby girls with that light blue. She is a pretty baby, Leisy! Glad she's letting you sleep a bit. I love all the updates...keep them coming!

Lyndsay said...

She really is so beautiful. My deepest sympathies are with you right now (even if it's not so bad) because the battle wounds are still fresh in our house.

yaya said...

She's a beauty! She'll fit right in with those boys and in a few years will give them a run for their money! Congrats to you all!

Michelle said...

What an awesome Dad you have! Three kids is tough beans. I'm glad you are getting some sleep - and you have such a great attitude!

Feel better Ikey!