Thursday, March 29, 2012


 She's not broken anymore. I think we figured her out! and just in time. Kent went back to work today and she's been fabulous the past three days. She even slept through the entire Hunger Games movie (we LOVED it by the way!).

  This girl is SO unlike our boys- and it took us awhile to figure out her needs.  Plus- overall- I think she's just generally more high maintenance.
I'm pretty sure her eyes are going to be hazel like mine. They are lighter in the center and not nearly as dark as our boys were at this point. and I'm pretty sure she's pale and pasty like me too.  lucky girl :)
I feel like every day she's looking more and more like her own little person.  Less like her brothers and more like herself.  Besides the coloring- it's even hard for me to see Kent and myself in her.  I'm sure it's there- I just have a hard time seeing it.

Ike had a minor meltdown yesterday when Kent told him he was going back to work. He told kent he'd never hug him again!  but this morning when kent was gone- neither rugrat even commented.  And they've been pretty nice to metta and me today.
Kent took both of them for well check doctors appointments this week.  Both are growing well and on or above par for everything. and Zeb had to get kindergarten shots!!! plus have his blood drawn.  Apparently he freaked.  Totally ballistic banshee screams.  I'm so glad that it was Kent who took him and not me!  I hate when they scream like that.  It's not that I feel bad- I just hate the unreasonable screams.  When they got home- Zeb informed me he doesn't have to get another shot until he's 11. He's going to be sorely disappointed next fall when we get our flu shots.


boysmum2 said...

When Alex was 4 he had to have 2 shots, the first went well but he knew the 2nd was coming and decided he had had enough of this game, it was a challenge! We got them both flu shots last week and they were the biggest grown up boys about it, so lovely

Sheri said...

Benjamin's appointment is next week (kindergarten shots!)--I'm debating on whether it's more kind to at least warn him what's happening or just get him there and get the shots over with. Hmmmm. Glad that Metta's doing well. Your kiddos are DARLING. Love the picture of the three of them together.

Kristy said...

I love all the pictures of Metta! She is soooo dang adorable! Keep the pictures coming!