Thursday, March 8, 2012

hump day?!

 I don't want to jinx myself- but I think we just made it over the hump. the hump of the hard days.  Those past seven days were torturous. hellish. and exhausting. remind me again why people like newborn babies?!?

My problems were compounded by the fact that Ike's earache included three nights and days of pure agony. several times I was in tears (blame it on the hormones) because I felt so bad for him.  he was in so much pain and there was ABSOLUTELY nothing that I could do.   plus- my help left.  and kent has worked more than 80 hours this week.

but ike is almost better- kent only has three more days left of this atrocious month- and gramps left behind a babysitter of sorts.

do you see what these rugrats are doing?! playing the Wii.   It actually came from Metta and Clair and has been a lifesaver.  THANK-YOU metta and clair!!

this is Zeb's face when gramps opened his bag and showed him the surprise.  He was screaming with excitement.  He's been asking for a wii for at least a year now.  and the two boys LOVE it.  They sit and play and giggle (and sometimes scream at each other) as long as I need them to :)  It may be hard to wean them off once I come back to my senses.

Gramps also left behind some new amazing lightsabers that glow and make crazy lightsaber sounds.  The boys sleep with them and we can hear them going off periodically at night.
Did I already mention that they got crazy spoiled while Gramps was here?!

and even though this little monkey holds most of the blame for the chaos of the last week- she really is the model newborn. I'm not sure why I get so blessed with perfect little babies- but I do.  As far as newborns go anyway. 
I think we started off on the wrong foot having her born so late at night.  Kent was coming off his night shift and I didn't get any sleep that first night so it's taken us this long to catch back up. Getting the first week of feeding down- and Kent being up three nights with Ike- kind of did us in for awhile there.

but she is so good. She eats and sleeps. a lot. and never cries.  She would for sure sleep six hours at night if I let her.  Last night I slept from 9 pm to 830 am- and besides waking myself up to feed her three times- she slept perfectly.
 I love her little round soft face.  It's most certainly going to get zitty and wrinkly so I'll enjoy it now.
 she's sort of got creepy eyes when they're open.  they get all beady and wild.  and they've got some broken broken blood vessels so she looks a bit like a baby zombie!
 luckily I got some head accessories for her this week in the mail (thanks Pat and Laney!) so she's looking a little more girly.  It's going to be so strange to dress a girl!  I'm really hoping she stays bald for at least two years and then I won't have to deal with hair!!
 and don't mind the giant binky in her mouth. I'm kind of a binky nazi and really want her to love them.  Hopefully we can make a switch from the hideous hospital one- but for now it's the one she likes- so it stays.


boysmum2 said...

My 2 have a Wii and they love it. they jump all over the place depending on what game they are playing and yes they scream and argue over it too! In fact we seem to have stopped 'time out' instead we threaten to have a 'no Wii week' as punishment and that seems to work. Guess as they get older you ahve to relook at the punishments you use and taking somethinga way seems to work. head gear always looks so cute on girls, sometimes I wish I ahd had one, but still love my boys. If she is feeding well and sleeping then you are doing a fab job and you know it will pass and get easier, just remember 'never wake a sleeping baby' if they sleep then they are obviously not hungry. You are a fab mother from what I see and read, keep smiling

Laney said...

love the headbands. I can make more if you need me too. They are surprisingly really easy. Or I could just tell you how to make them.

Justin and Jules said...

I swear there is something about that number 3 kids that just turns out good! I am so happy she is sleeping good for you. That takes a huge load of stress off life. Do you love her girly features? I love baby girls fingers. Weird, but they are just so girly! And how great is it not to have to work that that circumcision! That's always the worst! And how is feeding going? Maybe I should just send you an email and not a letter on your blog :)

Jenni said...

Congrats to guys! How do you manage to get those perfect babies that eat, sleep, and don't cry??? I suppose with how much you hate is probably a good thing you are blessed with that! If you had my little Adelyn, I am sure you would never have had another child again. Haha. She wants to eat all the time, sleeps sometimes, and cries/screams most of the time. ;) So, enjoy that angel of yours!

Jenni said...

(Congrats to *you* guys)

Outlandish McCandlish said...

Laney tell us all how how to make those cute head bands. I usually don't like baby headbands because they are so big and dopey looking but that one is super cute and dainty. What a beautiful girl Leisy.

Michelle said...

LOVE the headbands!

Good luck with the binky. I never could get any of my kids to take one. She looks so cute with the GIANT binky in her mouth. :) I just love it.

The Wii will come in handy for threats and bribing ... I promise. haha. ;)