Tuesday, March 20, 2012

 It's a darn good thing that Kent started his paternity leave this week.  because things have gotten recrazy ( I made that up- it means crazy again- all in the same ways). And even better that he had this past weekend off- so we have ended up with almost two full weeks of no work for kent!!  it almost makes having a baby worth it!!

so besides having Kent around- the craziness is peaking.

#1 the weather has been unseasonably warm.  I think the AC is going to have to come on tonight.  and with this warm weather we've got ants.  like really gross big and beady black carpenter ants. In our house. I'm dying. I'd rather sleep with spiders in my bed than ants on the wall.   Ants are my only real fear.  ew ew ew.  any ideas on how to get rid of them?!?  I can't sleep at night because I sit and think about them.

#2 Ike says his ear hurts again!!  and I wouldn't really believe it- but he keeps scratching it and leaning into it.  Kent is at the drs office with him now hoping to get round two of antibiotics.  Ten days of amoxicillin didn't cut it.  I really hope it doesn't get as bad as it did last week.  but if it does- at least Kent can hold him and rock him.

#2 Metta.  naughty naughty metta.

This little monkey has been B-A-D the past two days.  gassy?  grumpy?  tired?  who knows!!  another reason newborns are so dang hard- they don't speak with words.  and considering we've never had a fickle baby and newborn cries make me very anxious- I'm just really glad that Kent is home :)  She's already been way better last night and today so I'm hoping she's over it.  I'm not sure how people with continually fussy babies cope.  I'd lose my mind.
Here are several grumpy pictures.  she wouldn't relax for a normal shot.
 I inlcuded this picture because it shows her orange hair.  I think it's oranger than the boys' was. I'm really hoping it's red- or strawberry like mine!! I really want a redheaded kiddo!!

 luckily the monkey still sleeps whenever we get in the car- and stays asleep for several hours at a time.  Yesterday we went and played 'putt-putt' and got ice cream at youngs dairy while metta sat her carseat and never even let out a peep.

The boys were so intense with their play.

 The ice cream here is honestly some of the world's best.  I got cinnamon and brownie batter.  so so good.


Outlandish McCandlish said...

I swear by a product called TERRO. I like that they have these plastic traps that remind me of glade plug ins that you set around the ants eat it tel their friends they come feast and then die from it. easy to keep away from the kids and you just throw away the empty trap. no more ants.

Jill Lau said...

Awesome that Kent gets time off. A guy in Glen's program didn't get any time off when his wife had a baby. You have to use one of your vacation weeks. Poor Ike...he has had it rough. Can't Kent just write him a prescription himself. Glen has done that for me a few times and it has been awesome. You have great medical insurance though don't you. Ours isn't bad but we do have a copay now. Have fun with Kent off!!!

yaya said...

I'm with you on two subjects...1)I'm not a big lover of newborns...2)I hate ants. I found the answer to newborns is wait until they grow up, it's makes the baby stage look easy. Next: Ants...we put stuff around the foundation of the house. It comes in a big bag and you just pour it out. I can't remember the name but Wal-Mart or Home Depot will carry it..probably Target too. It also kills fleas and ticks I believe. I think this is going to be a "buggy" year with this warm winter we just had. I refuse to turn on any AC until May...or June..and I refuse to mow any lawn until atleast April. I'm sticking with this too! Hope all the kiddos are feeling better soon!

Laney said...

she might be cranky but at least she's well dressed and well accessorized.

Jed and Kera said...

Now I want to go to Young's Dairy even more! Looks like a fun time. I'm sorry Miss Metta is being cranky. That is really really difficult. Thank goodness for two parents being home together though. :O)

nye.jessica@gmail.com said...

Oh boy, was it you or Laney that opened the Easter egg full of ants???

Philip Oswald said...

Find the source of food. Big black ants means rotting wood. Probably have termites as well. Anyway, check around the perimeter of the house and find the source. Your garbage shed is a prime source of rotting wood. If all else fails eat them. :)

Susanna George said...

Sorry about Ike's ears. My little Levi had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago, and the amoxicillin did nothing, so my doctor gave me a stronger antibiotic and it cleared it right up. (plus you only had to give it to them once a day, and it didn't need to be refrigerated, double plus in my book).

We were actually in Dayton on Monday, I tried to call you but I just got your voice message. We took the kiddos to the air museum at the base since it's our spring break this week. We had a lot of fun, but boy was it HOT!!!!

Hang in there Leisy! The newborn stage is so miserable, but from someone who just experienced it again with twinners, it goes by fast, and soon your right back to normal.

Lots of love and Happy Birthday!

Sheri said...

First, LOVE LOVE the pictures of Metta. She's gorgeous. And you can't fool me, you're smitten. : ) Life is crazy around here, too. Once Kent is back at work I need to have you guys over to play and the boys can just go crazy outside.
Second, we had ants last year and Dan Arnold treated them for us. It worked well, so if all else fails call in the professionals. : )