Monday, October 22, 2012

last stop!! enter-TRAIN-ment junction

 this place is CRAZY!!  it's called EnterTRAINment Junction. We got a family pass on groupon (have I mentioned I'm obsessed with groupon?!)- and it was located just a few miles from Great Wolf Lodge (which is only 45 minutes from dayton)- so we added it to our vacation.

I thought we'd spend a couple of hours- but we ended up staying FIVE.

It houses the world's biggest indoor train display.  Everything was really really cool.  Tunnels, bridges, water features, mountains, and everything else you could think of.
You could push buttons and make things go/talk/make sounds, etc.

the little cities were unreal.  SO DETAILED and pretty impressive.

check out the little farmer's market!!

they had a huge kids play area with climbing toys, trains, and all sorts of other fun stuff.
 Trains (especially thomas and friends) were Zeb's first true love. Long before Star Wars and Lightning McQueen.
Metta loved eating the 'coal' in the toy areas.

 she also loved napping.  I can't believe the boys still had energy after spending the first half of the day  swimming.

 The place also had an outdoor hand crank little kid train ride.  I'm impressed the kids kept riding/driving it.  It looked pretty tiring cranking that thing!

the 'thomas' ride was pretty darn fun, too.  Kent and Metta and I could even ride it.  It took us around the outside of the building and through a little pumpkin patch.
For whatever reasons I wasn't supposed to take pictures while it was moving-so I totally cheated to get the above picture.  And snapped this one fast while we were getting off.

for Halloween they actually renamed the place "Jack-o-lantern Junction".  There were fun halloween crafts- and kid friendly haunted house where we did trick or treating.

It was pretty fun- besides the room covered in crazy cockroaches!! totally reminded me of on eof my apartments in russia.  seriously :)

But my favorite part of the entire afternoon was the the "A-maze'in Funhouse".  This place was just that. Amazing.
A fun house with crazy mirros.
It had one of those rooms that is completely crooked . The floor was at a 45 degreeish angle to the real world.  It made my head spin. I can't believe Kent kept a hold of Metta.  I was falling down the room. The boys couldn't even stand up straight. We'd take them to the top of the room and they'd slide down the floor.
 I grabbed on to this bar and lifted my feet up and this is how I ended.  Just suspended there.
 They also had the coolest mirror maze. I've never been in a real one- and it was wild!!  Zeb kind of freaked.  He got way too stressed and just started sobbing. We'd literally kept running straight into mirrors and glass walls. It was nutso.  Zeb though we'd never get out.
then there was this crazy space maze.  We had a few tears in here, too.
Zeb must have just heard some crazy noise here.  I love the scared face.
 the laser room!  really just string that glows.  but the boys loved this room.
It's supposed to be pretty fun at Christmas time, too- so we'll be on the lookout for another groupon :)


Michelle said...

Wow! That is a pretty cool place!

pat said...

Can't believe all the fun places you find. That looks amazing. It's nice to see what the kids were telling us about.