Thursday, October 11, 2012

pj day.

 Today was pajama day at school. We've been excited about it ALL WEEK.  SO- naturally- when Zeb got off the bus today I asked him how it went.  He gave me this terribly sad face and told me he never took off his hoodie.  He'd left it on all day so nobody could see his pajamas!    He's not actually posing here- he's telling me his story of the day.  He's a little glum, but I LOVE the picture.
When I inquired as to why he'd left it on all day- he responded that he was afraid people would make fun of him because Wall-E was for babies.  It made me so dang sad.  He hadn't voiced any concern that morning and nobody actually said anything to him- he was just worried about what might happen.  I have to remember he is an oldest child who is used to doing everything with his little brother.  A lot of the other kids are younger siblings and don't always watch 'baby cartoons' anymore!

Although for show and tell last week he took his teddy bear when I was sure he'd want to take his soccer award or something.  So at least I know he hasn't completely lost his innocence!!

The picture he brought home from writing class today is my favorite yet!  Amber- my friend- teaches him writing and he LOVES it.  They are learning all about using their imaginations!  thanks, Amber!!

This is our family in robot form- and with a robot dog from space.  He forgot to include Ike, he told me.  Isn't it adorable?!!?

I took this picture and Zeb was staring off into space.  I asked him what he was looking at and he replied: "out the window at the sun, mom.  You always tell me to look towards the light when you take my picture."  This kid has learned  well :)

It's a good thing I took these pictures when I did because I ended up fishing half of the drawing out of Metta's mouth just a few minutes later.

And speaking of Metta - she is OUT OF CONTROL.  Yesterday Kent went to get her out of her crib and she was standing in it.  And the rail was only just barely at chest level.

And check her out in the kitchen.  I'm going to have to change ALL of my container organization.  These two shelves are almost entirely glassware.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

I really like that first picture of Zeb. Poor fella, I am sad he was embarrassed.

Motivated Mama said...

What a cool post--love that family picture. And yes, I do feel sad that at such a young age he would be so concerned that kids would make fun of him! Kids can be so harsh! Looks like it's time to move around your kitchen supplies.

Michelle said...

Love that Zeb! He'll get to where he doesn't worry so much about what other kids think, because he has so much to share! That "robot" family was totally awesome. I just loved it. He has such an incredible imagination and intellect.

That Metta is a doll! Love her innocent look - can't wait to see it turn into a mischievous look! ;)

Aleese and Scott said...

Holy cow he looks so big!! Poor Zeb tell him we LOVE his pjs:).