Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kent and his Tough Mudder.

The last official day of vacation- Kent took off down to Kentucky with a team of friends from church and the Air Force to compete in the Tough Mudder.

To say Kent loved the race is an understatement.  Swimming through huge troughs of icy mud, on a slip n slide nicknamed the electric eel (because it's rigged with live electric wires),  and through terribly scary and panic inducing underground water filled narrow tunnels is his kind of event.  The mud sounds awesome- the running would be fun (it's almost 13 miles)- even some of the water looked exciting.  But the live wires and Ice water in already frigid temps?!  count me out.   I would love the race but I really think I might have to pass on the electrocution thing.

Here's Kent getting ready for the underground tunnels.  I could totally handle these. I think.

I'm totally jealous of the mud part!   Kent said some people came out of it missing shoes.  He duct taped his to his ankles.  He's the one dead center with the muddy bum.
And here he goes under the barbed wire.  I would most certainly have ripped my shirt or flesh on those wires.  He's bottom far left.

Pre race.  He's in the very back row.
post race.  pretty stinking muddy.  and the past three days new bruises have been appearing ALL over his body.  


Linz said...

Way to go Kent!! I am with you, though Leisy! No live wires for me! Michael and I just did the Del Mar mud run. It is a muddy obstacle course without all the scary stuff. It was SOO fun!

Anyway - way to be a Tough Mudder, Kent!

Hutch Y. said...

I'd rather die than crawl through that mud.

Annie O said...

Gotta admit that the mud is the BEST part. I had a blast doing 5 miles of mud--but I don't think I could do this. Way to go Kent! You ARE one tough mudder.

Lyndsay said...

The thought of those tunnels is enough to make me squeamish. I couldn't do it. You two are crazy!