Thursday, November 1, 2012

'helping' out in the classroom.

 Zeb's school does NOT celebrate Halloween.  Apparently it just got too out of control with inappropriate costumes, crazy kids, and too much candy.  I completely understand and Zeb didn't know any better so it didn't bother him at all.

I did however call Zeb's teacher and ask if I could go in on Halloween and 'help out' in the classroom :)   I brought sugar cookies and lots of great stuff to decorate.

I love seeing Zeb at school.
 so disgusting.  Some kid actually ate this. Just seeing all those pumpkins makes my teeth ache.

 We also painted giant pumpkins with handprints for stems.  Kent had the day off (one of only four this whole month!) so he came in with us.  Metta slept in her carseast and Ike joined in on all the fun!
Have I mentioned that I LOVE zeb's school?  such a great place.  I couldn't be happier with his teachers or his learning experience/environment.  It makes me want to stay here forever so all of my kids can attend Brantwood.
No costume yesterday- but Zeb did wear  his angry birds hat- and his skeleton hoodie.
I forgot to blog about something Zeb did a long time ago- and being in his class reminded me.  We were at the Air Force Base Pharmacy waiting for our number to be called- but there were A TON of people- and it was hard to hear. I asked Zeb to help me listen for our number. He then started rubbing the tips of his ears with his fingers and pulling on them and stretching them out.  When I asked him what he was doing- he told me he was 'turning on his listening ears to make sure he heard our number called'.  It's something they do in school and he thinks it actually does something physiologically to enhance his hearing!!  Adorable little monkey.


Michelle said...

Zeb is such a good looking kid!

That last picture reminds me so much of Kent!

He is dressed very cute. :)

M- your favorite said...

LOVE HIM!! I can't wait to see you guys again! I am counting down the days!