Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 thanks a million for all of the 'turkey in disguise' comments.   Zeb LOVED reading each and every one- SEVERAL times.  It meant the world to him.  Lately he's been feeling slightly underloved.  Here's a dirty look to prove his feelings.  He can hold these looks for extended periods of time.

Every time we are out in public- people comment about Metta- or smile at her-or tell us how cute she is.  When we skype family members- Zeb insists that people only ask to see Metta and that they all laugh at her the most (this is mostly false).  He also thinks she is over represented on the blog.  That complaint is true. So- the peacock post helped his ego quite a bit. Thank-you for your support :)

And here's some more Metta :)   Babies are easy to blog about. Always cute, funny, or doing new things.

This Metta is SO full of personality.  Incredibly social.  And then sometimes she's so calm and quiet I don't know what to do! Here she was just lying on her back- staring at the Christmas tree.

 We are 100%  decorated for Christmas.  The ornaments on the tree still need to be rearranged by adults- and the tree itself needs to be fluffed so it doesn't look so 'Charlie Brown'- but otherwise we are ready.  Kent and I will only be together 15 days in December (he's got out of state military training and other travels)- so I want to enjoy as much of the Family Christmas spirit as possible :)  Luckily this year (unlike last!) Kent has Thanksgiving AND the day after AND Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day off.  I'm so happy I can't contain it!!

Here's this wild hair. Longer every single day.  She looks like a little Christmas elf.
 I think she'll be walking by Christmas or shortly after.  She is all over the place.  These darn spinning barstools are going to be the end of her, though.  She gets herself up on them- and then shifts her hands- and they send her spinning to the ground! She's got to learn- so I just keep letting her climb up them!


Amber and Travis said...

Christmas all the way up already?!? Don't forget about Thanksgiving! Hopefully I will put all my stuff up next week.

When I see Zeb I will have to tell him how cute he is and see his reaction!

Annie O said...

Great pix of Zeb and Metta but where's IKE? Did we trade him in? Metta looks like a boy in that bottle pic and Zeb looks like Zeb in pic 1. Can't wait to see and hug them all.

Jason & Shannon said...

Love Zeb's face! Metta's outfit is so cute! Ditto to Nannie Annie's, "Where's Ike?"

Sheri said...

Make sure to check my comment about Zeb's turkey. : ) I can't believe you have Christmas up! I say bring it on. Especially the music.

pat said...

Brent thinks you need to put a screw in the chair so it won't twirl (but he's a little over causious). Tell Zeb we'll have to hug and kiss him till that frown turns into a smile! Can't wait to see all of you.