Friday, November 2, 2012

the rest of the festivities!

Here's our Star Wars crew.  Thanks to cousin Amy for some of the costumes- and to my pal Kristi for helping me sew the rest!!!

                                                                             Han Solo.
The costumes were a big hit. Except with Metta.  She HATED my leia wig.  Here's her reaction. :)  It terrified her.
Our Halloween this year spanned all through the week.  I like the getting the most out of our costumes so I was happy to have parties, trick or treating, trunk or treating, and other events to attend so we could!

Last year for Christmas I got a sewing machine.  And this year for Halloween I finally opened it up :)  These jedi robes weren't too tricky at all. and the boys really loved them!
 Yoda here was a little tougher. I did her robes- but my friend did her ears.  It was the perfect weather for a warm fleece hat!
Doesn't she make the perfect little Yoda?
On Hallween Day- Metta wore her bones tutu from gma Pat- and I topped it with her skelly pjs.
this girl is SO fast on her knees these days!  
A few nights before Halloween- I thought our actual trick or treating was going to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy (which brought us lots of cold, rain, and snow!)-so I took the kids to Wright State University to Trick or Treat with all of their athletes.  We got a ton of candy- and it was nice and dry and warm inside.
I told Zeb and Ike to pose next to this cool "car".  They hadn't seen the skeleton driving yet.  After taking the picture I showed them the driver and told them what a 'hearse' was.  Needless to say- the boys asked to go home right away.  They HATED this thing :)
Our last event was our church trunk or treat.

Zeb wore this Ewok costume that I LOVE.  so dang cute.
this girl would NOT be still.  She crawled the entire gym floor several times!
 Until next year :)


Annie O said...

Love these pix. Good job. Can't wait to go shopping with you at Taipan Trading.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

GREAT post! We all think Ike is using the force to gather all the candy into his bag on the first picture.

Hutch Y. said...

I just went back in time looking at the first pic and was like, "Aww, look at Ike as Yoda." Then I realized Ike's a lot older than that. Metta has never looked so Ike as she does in the Yoda costume. It's cute.

yaya said...

So funny! Loved all the costumes and I loved "Yoda"..especially with a binki...she looks so wise! I seriously want that hearse! Or maybe just the driver!