Wednesday, November 7, 2012

big bird and crazy baby

 I took this in the backyard this week.  It's a large bird with a furry dead creature in it's claws.  I love it.
Look at her.  She looks so much like her brothers it's outrageous.  I mean- really- she looks like a little boy in pink monkey pajamas!  and she's eight months OLD!!  I love it.  She's in that stage where I can stick her in the high chair with a handful of blueberries- and she's happy for at least thirty minutes. add some cheerios or black beans and she's good for another thirty.

With a bow she looks enough like a girl, right?  she actually has more hair than I did at this age. I was bald until age two and expected the same from her.  No such luck. She's got this fluffy head of hair.
 And this thing she's done since birth is hysterical and pretty adorable, too.  When she gets angry or frustrated- she clenches her little fists and shakes and screams in rage. In her terrible twos and teenager years- it may not be as cute.
Here's a better example.  She does it ALL of the time.

She LOVES to stand up on the furniture- but then she gets herself stuck.  She can fall back down- but wants to just WALK.  She gets to the edges of chairs/couches and goes into angry mode. and she's still eating EVERYTHING.  I pulled part of a kit kat wrapper out of her poo yesterday.  Here she's got wet and slobbery dust bunnies stuck to her chin.
and the stuck face. or maybe it's the face when she woke up to find out the results of last night's election.  either way- she's maaaad.
the only thing hard about her crazy mobility is that I'm always on the lookout for our basement stairs. It's a very steadfast rule that the door ALWAYS remains shut- but I'm constantly checking.  None of us are perfect and we go up and down the stairs to do laundry (us) and ride bikes (kiddos) down there several times a day.  Just last week Kent sent me a text that read:

"don't beat the kids. wear your seatbelts. drive safely. and don't let metta near the stairs"  

He's working in the PICU right now and it's been extremely exhausting. Physically/emotionally/mentally, etc.  Lots of terrible terrible things all of the time.  Every day he's dealing with suicide attempts, child abuse cases, horrific car accidents and every other rotten thing you could think of.  Just lots and lots of really sick kids and devastated families.  It really puts life into perspective but can be pretty exhausting for him.  

I really really am so grateful for the blessings of a happy healthy and wonderful family.  Things can happen so quickly that change EVERYthing.  I need to be happy with what I have right now.  And I am. I really am.


M- your favorite said...

LOVE HER! Mail her to me! I want her NOW!!!

Michelle said...

She is just the cutest thing ever! Love her happy AND mad faces. What a doll. She's definitely "Girly" looking. :) [Just your boys have pretty faces. haha!] LOVE her cute clothes too!

That big bird with the dead animal = EW! Do NOT love it. ;)

Annie O said...

Can't wait to play with her! And yes, she does look like her brothers (pretty small gene pool I guess).


Justin and Jules said...

8 MONTHS!!! Are you kidding me! Where did that time go! I feel like she was just born. And no, she does not look like a boy, she is so super cute!

yaya said...

She does look like her brothers! So cute! Love that red hair. I think the temper goes with that, right? I had the same face on Wednesday morning. I was not a happy voter..oh well, good luck with Obamacare...I think our hospital will be closed in the next 4yrs. Anyway, you have the cutest kiddos and the nicest hubby! Can't vote that away!

Hutch Y. said...

What a stylish baby.

HowellAZ said...

Great post - a good reminder that we need to stop and be grateful for the everyday things that we take for having a healthy family.
I think it's great how much your kids look like each other! Metta is getting so big. It's funny because Eden definitely has the rage, shaking thing going on, too. Of course, now she has pretty much escalated to full-blown tantrums, thus I am just not looking forward to those terrible twos. Help me.