Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey day

 I knew precisely what was going to happen the moment I placed our martinelli sparkling cider drinks on the counter for Thanksgiving.  So I had my camera ready :)  Things like this make me laugh.

Ike noticed them first- and asked: "Mom, what is this???!  Is this ALCOHOL?".
When EVER we are at the store and we push our carts past the alcohol aisles- Ike and Zeb ask all about it.   So- we have regular conversations about it.  We don't drink it (here's why)- not at all- and they know that.
Then Zeb snatched the bottle from him and got on his little high horse repeating the same words we've discussed many times before.  "We are NOT supposed to drink alcohol!  NONE. NOT AT ALL! NOT EVEN ON THANKSGIVING!!"

We finally told them it was just juice.  It's nice to know our kids are listening and are inclined to obey! We are lucky our kiddos are so naturally obedient- but we also try to teach about differences and loving everybody I don't want my kiddos making unkind judgments. Somehow my parents found a way to teach me to be accepting and loving of differences and I hope to do the same.

For our actual Thanksgiving dinner- we went over to our friends place to celebrate with a few families.  I was so happy to have Kent around this year!  He's in ER this next month so we got to pick the days off he wanted for the month so we went with thanksgiving and the day after. The two days were wonderful!! and now I just have to make it until Christmas.  He has very few days off until then!

 Metta was the most excited to be headed to friends because she got to chase around the dog- Jingle.  Jingle was very patient to endure her endless grabbing.
Metta is finally getting over a terrible cough.  I think one night she got up 17 times.  I'm quite certain that a sick or crabby baby could be used to break terrorists with secrets.  There is NOTHING more exhausting than being awakened from sleep every fifteen minutes.  But- now she's back to normal.  Happy as a clam.  Always such a little joy. Thus her middle name.

I mean, seriously.  Look at her.  Adorably happy.

and my zeb munchkin.  playing angry birds.  He thought this game was soooo cool.  
this year I decided to brine the turkey.  I don't know if I'll do it ever again.  While removing the turkey from the brine I spilled all of the multiple gallons of nasty turkey juice laden brine ALL over the kitchen floor.  Disinfecting our kitchen was a ridiculous task.  Plus I don't really think the turkey tasted much different than normal- but I did love the way it made our homemade gravy taste.  I do the turkey and Kent does the gravy.  He's pretty much a professional in the kitchen.  If the whole doctor thing doesn't work out- he can become a chef.  
I also made 5 dozen homemade potato rolls.  They were AMAZING.  and I hid a carrot in one. The lucky winner was to get a prize.  It became quite the contest.  And then we never found the carrot.  I found it today (saturday!) while making leftovers. 2nd to last roll.  
there was SOOOO much food.  It was amazing.  Everything you could hope for.
I made the world's best jello pretzel cream cheese salad.  It was beautiful and DELICIOUS.  Apparently my mom made it for her Thanksgiving, too. Only hers looked like an animal at slaughter. Mom- I'll be in charge of it when I come home for Christmas :)

and dessert.  I love thanksgiving.  My pal, Kristi, and I did a long turkey run that morning so we could enjoy a little extra pie.
Here's my pal Amber and her pregnant belly.  Her baby girl is due on my birthday and she's going to name it Leisy.  Right, Amber?  She's from the South and brought a fried turkey, mac and cheese, and a warm cheesy pineapple and butter casserole.  ALL delicious. I think Thanksgiving should always be celebrated with many people and many food varieties.

After dinner there was playing, football on tv, and lots of talking.
I'm so grateful for my family and my family away from family.  What a fabulous day!!


Annie O said...

What? You threw me under the bus!? Mine wasnt pretty but your dad said he likedit.

Ok, I'll let you make the pretzel jello salad for Christmas. See you soon. I can't wait.

Motivated Mama said...

It was a wonderful day! Great pics!

Pat and Brent said...

I love the pics - Ike's curiosity as he examines the bottle, Zeb's righteous indignation, Metta's happy anticipation of getting her hands on the dog, and the dogs worried look because he knows. Looks like a great day.

Michelle said...

Loveyou guys!

Michelle said...

Loveyou guys!