Saturday, November 17, 2012

just boys- no girl.

We went to the dentist this week and are happy to announce that we are still  members of the 'No cavities club'. Plus- the boys were absolute champs getting their teeth cleaned. Zeb said this time at the dentist was so much better because he got a new flavor of the tooth cleaning stuff. Grape is WAAAAAAAY tastier than bubble gum apparently.

And the new toothbrushes from Dr. Kondas are "actually much cooler than last time" says Zeb.  He inserts the word 'actually' into at least 50% of his sentences.
I also had Zeb's parent/teacher conference this week.  He's quite the little kindergarten champion.  When I told him that his teacher told me all about how smart and good he his- he responded: "but mom, you already knew that".  And that is true- I did already know that.  He is a kind and well behaved and smart little rugrat.  He helps teach the reading groups and gets to be the helper whenever there's a substitute.  He really takes school quite seriously.  At Brantwood they are all about teaching behaviors along side academics.  He is always talking about 'Brantwood behaviors' and whether or not something is appropriate.  He loves to school family members on the most important four: "Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Caring".  In that order.

Our little Ikester has been acting a little grumpy this week and just yesterday started wailing (literally) about an earache.  Either he has an incredibly low pain tolerance or it hurt like crazy. The screaming and moaning and writhing around was too much for me to handle. And the last ear infection he had was EIGHT LONG TORTUROUS and TEAR FILLED days.  We said lots of prayers yesterday and got him started on some medicine.  This morning he claims his ear doesn't hurt at all.  It's a mommy miracle.  Seriously.


Michelle said...

LOVE them both sooooooo much! They are such good boys - definitely teacher's pet material!

Prayers and faith make a Mom's life bearable!

Their clothes are so cute! What handsome little men. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love!!!

Hutch Y. said...

Zeb's spot on about the grape over bubble gum flavor. My mom worked for a dentist in Utah who I still see. So whenever I go to him, I demand he puts the grape fluoride in my mouth that he only gives to children otherwise. Man, I love the dentist.

Glad Ike's earache went away.

Annie O said...

Hey, I'll send a 7Habits of Happy Kids book to you for Zeb to give to his teacher for Christmas. Tell him to tell her Nannie Annie helped write it and that's why he's such a good boy! Love you and can't wait to see you all.

HowellAZ said...

Cute cute little rugrats! That is great that Zeb is a star kindergartner. Love it! I also love that he uses the word "actually" a thousand times a day. ;)
Jett likes to say "probably" a lot - though not necessarily in the correct context!
Those two boys look way happier than I ever have after a dentist visit. What champs!