Saturday, October 6, 2012

our kiddos haven't smiled this much in quite awhile!! The Brumbaugh fun farm.

 After the first session of General Conference we made our way to Brumbaugh's fun fruit Farm.  It definitely lived up to it's name.  Super fun- exhaustingly in fact!!  all except for the terribly scary haunted house.  It was rather disappointing- but poor little Ike shrieked and wailed like he was being tortured.  We laughed.
The list of things to do could go on forever.  I took so many pictures it's ridiculous.

First stop- the little tractor/barrel ride.
everybody loved it.  Both Zeb and Ike were so excited for every single thing we did!  Zeb repeatedly told us AND the people around us how this pumpkin patch compared to his "field trip to a different pumpkin patch on Tuesday, October, 2nd".
I think that my favorite part of the day was on the hay ride when Ike spotted "Monster Mountain".  His face was ADORABLE. He was so darn excited. and it was unimaginably fun for all of us :)

these really are the faces he was making.
 Check out the mountain and the slide. Zeb and Ike ran up that mountain a hundred times!!

 And Kent and I even got in on the action several times.
 forty feet of bumpy crazy madness!!!  Kent actually road on his back head first- but the picture is flipped and I'm too lazy to switch it.
 Metta sat and watched and ate straw.
 The poor little monkey was so dang tired but wouldn't ever sleep.  She is a social butterfly.  If ANYthing is going on-she's alert and involved.  She kept laying her head down on this swing and closing her eyes.
 The Zip Line!  Oh- they boys were in HEAVEN. and all of the other adults around couldn't believe we kept putting our boys on the adult line!!  they LOVED it. they giggled and giggled.  I'm impressed they both did it with such little hesitation.  It was pretty high and quite fast.

 The human hamster wheel.  I did NOT get in on this action.
 they had zillions of pumpkins-
 and the most delicious hot and fresh donuts- and brand newly pressed cider.  Oh- I love love love fall. and Ohio fall is just pure heaven.
 The hay pit. what a fabulous place.
Kent and I were so surprised at how grown up Zeb acted today.  Just after one short month of school he has matured, changed, and grown into a new little boy. He is braver, kinder, more patient, and more outgoing.  I am so happy about it all. I love his school and I love all of his teachers.
I LOVED the corn box. SO dang fun. so much corn.
and the rope swing.  I just love the sheer joy on his face.
The day was wonderful!!  Conference weekend seems to be one of the few times I get truly homesick.  It was nice to really enjoy conference today and spend time keeping ourselves busy with fun!  tomorrow Kent works all day and night- so it will be tougher. I'll survive.  I'll just have to make some delicious cinnamon rolls to drown my loneliness in :)
 Plus- if conference is even half as exciting as the Saturday sessions- I'll be okay. I am so crazy excited about the age change for missionaries.  I'm certain it's because the world really needs more sister missionaries :) and with the age of 19- I can't help but hope so many more will go!!  My mission was 19 of the greatest months in my life. I wouldn't trade that time for ANYTHING. EVER. I loved every moment!!


Amber and Travis said...

Seriously, I need to learn from you. I love that first picture! I feel like you always find the most artistic things to photograph.

As for the other pictures, I loved them too! The kids look like they LOVED it! It does look like it had a lot of things in common with our field trip.

I need to start looking for more things to do here. We always resort to the same things because I never know cool places or events going on.

HowellAZ said...

That corn box picture ROCKS! Looks like a fun day was had by all. ;)

Michelle said...

Love those happy faces!

That zip line was scary-ramma. My kids would for sure fall off accidentally and break on that!

Your hair is SUPER darling, Leisy. I love it!

Love cute Metta resting her head and eyes in the swing. What a doll! said...

Nate works today too. Wish we could spend the day together with our kids!