Thursday, October 4, 2012

this little monkey is the world's best sleeper and the world's worst.  She loves her bed and curls up with her blanket the instant we lay her down at seven.  And then she almost always sleeps in until at least eight. Sometimes 8:30.  But she still gets up TWICE during the night. TWO TIMES?!  Both Zeb and Ike were sleeping through the night (10 straight hours!!) by week 6.  Luckily I can just hand her a bottle and go back to bed- but still.  two times?!?!  little rascal.
I don't know how to get past it.  How do you train her?  I'm happy with the 7p-8a thing so I'm not sure I want to shake things up!!
we are all ready for Halloween in this house!!  Metta and Zeb love the decorations all over the house.  This felt skeleton is Metta's favorite.  She smiles and laughs at him every time we walk past.

Ike does NOT love the halloween decor.  Every day he asks at least once: "mom, can we put these things  back in the box?".

I put this creature behind him when he wasn't paying attention.
 and then I told him to turn around.
 and then I made it cackle.
 Sometimes I do enjoy being a parent.  Scaring our kids at Halloween is one of our favorite Halloween traditions.
And here's this cute grown up picture of Zeb. he LOVES school.  We've finally adjusted to getting enough sleep and making sure he eats his lunch.  And we had to get him these shoes.  He was insistent that he needed 'velcro' shoes.  We read a book called 'velcro girl' before school started this Summer and it stuck with him.  It's about a little girl who is so worried about tying her shoes in kindergarten and then gets to school only to realize everybody just wears velcro :)  
And miss metta again.  Her hair is OUT OF CONTROL.

check out the top pieces.  A few of them are waaaaay longer than the rest.  And I don't want to do the gel 'wave' so I think we are just going to trim it to at least even it out.  It stands in all sorts of directions and flies all over.  

and here's just a gazilllion pictures that make me laugh.
Her eye color is definitely starting to stand out finally!!  

and check out the toothy grin. she's such a happy baby these days.


Justin and Jules said...

I'm with you, I love scaring my kiddos. I figure it's just pay back for all the times they scare me in the middle of the night waking me up to bring me boogers or asking to play the ipad at 2am.

Amber and Travis said...

I love Ike's face in the picture with the skull. You are cruel to the poor kiddos.

Velcro shoes are the best in kindergarten! If you only knew how many shoes I tie in one day!

I love Miss Metta! I love her toothy smile and how her mouth is always open!

You have adorable kids!

Michelle said...

Metta's eyes are really a cool color!

Love the pictures!

Rachael said...

I'm SO with Ike - put the scary things away!! ;) Too funny! and I trimmed Ivy's hair with all those weird longish pieces and was so glad. Metta is darling!! Look at all those teeth! Ivy still has just 2! And your boys are so grown up! Where does the time go?! I've never even MET them, have I?!

Anonymous said...

that picture of metta with her bottle is cute. however, seeing all that formula around her mouth makes me want to dry heave. It's like i can smell it through the picture.


yaya said...

What a cute bunch! You know how I love Halloween and all the crazy decorations. I'm so proud of you! Metta is just stinkin' sweet. The last pic almost looks like she did that pose on purpose!

Annie O said...

The picture of Ike and the skull is now my October desktop background. Too funny. Where did you learn to behave to your children that way? Cruel mother.


Kent and Leisy said...

why yes, mom- I did learn it from my cruel mother :)