Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everybody keeps asking what we've been doing since Kent's been home!  I feel like we should be doing all sorts of exciting things- but the best part of having him around is just relaxing.  Today we put the kids down for nap/quiet time and we just sat in bed and read.  It was heavenly.  I love that right now he has no tests to study for- no crazy long days anywhere- and nothing early in the morning. We can stay up late watching movies, reading books, and eating ice cream. It's fabulous.

We have been using a few of the gift cards we've had sitting around. Last week went to Granite City Brewery w/o kids and this week we celebrated the completion of Kent's colon fast with a trip to Texas roadhouse.  Kent was only a few hours post procedures so he was still a little tired- but very hungry :)  Zeb LOVES to talk to him with his tongue sticking out. It's this funny little language they have.
 The kiddos are loving the time with Kent.  Early in the morning Ike shouts 'daaaaddy' from his crib. Zeb demands that all of his questions be answered by dad only.  They also both prefer he pushes the shopping cart.

It's also really nice to have kent here to help clean up messes.  The other day we heard Ike shake something out of a bag and then found this. He loves pushing around his favorite objects in this stroller. Usually it's just balls, bobo, or trains and racecars.  This time it happened to be Quaker Oat Squares.  He is such a rascal.
 We've also just been sticking to our regular schedule.  We do walking group and playgroup- and still go the Y a lot. I've loved being able to go to book club and cooking groups without stressing about a babysitter!

Today at walking group we found a snake on the trail. The kiddos loved it. Most of the mothers did not.
 I picked it up so Ike could have a turn holding it- but it just kept trying to slither into his shorts. He finally grabbed it and just chucked it out of the stroller as far as he could. 


Pat and Brent said...

So great that you have a couple of weeks without the rigorous schedule Kent normally has. It's so nice to just relax and enjoy. Way to go Ike - good thing he's got a good arm on him.

Michelle said...

I'm definitely with Ike on the "chucking the snake" business. hahaha!

Love the matching shirts!

Cynthia said...

we didn't notice the snake. That is too funny that Ike chucked it!
It was so smart that you guys had Kent come home to a light rotation before he had to go away again!

Philip Oswald said...

Ah, remember the day the snake you found on the way to school escaped in class.

Delaps said...

I am so glad that you will touch snakes! That was very exciting. I love that Wendy is standing way off in the picture.

Steve and Hailey said...

I like snakes, but I would chuck it if you put it on my shorts too. So cool that you guys have a little time to spend together. Is he on a break or are things just not so crazy? We've got to plan something to get everybody together! I like your new background at the top.