Wednesday, September 1, 2010

goodbye summer! hello beautiful fall days!  I shouldn't be cursing myself but I think today was the last day of heat and humidity.  This summer has been near hellish and I can't wait for the crisp fall days, the beautiful colors, and the amazing outdoor runs through swan creek.

We spent this morning out at our pool with friends for playgroup. It was a really good pool day and we had lots of great snacks.

Ike is SUCH a turkey about water. If he's not in it splashing around then he throws EVERYthing in it. 
I only got this post-pool pic of Zeb lounging in his undies. Little boys in undies are pretty darn cute.
With Kent gone we upped our cell phone contract to include unlimited texts for the three months and I've been sending lots of cell phone pics to him.  I think that's why my blogging decreased so dramatically. I've been texting him constantly and talking to him on the phone for at least an hour a day- so he gets the updates and I don't have as much post kid bedtime to blog.
But- here are a few of the picures I've sent to Kent.
Just this morning I told the kids to give each other a hug and I'd send Kent the picture. They totally rammed heads and went into hysterics.  Made for a much better picture at least.
Here's one of Ikey with his 'bobos'.  He has named all of his stuffed animals 'bobo' and it's adorable when he asks for them. There's a pediatrician that kent worked with a few times named Dr. Bobo- and every time he got paged Kent says he'd imagine a giant brown stuffed rabbit coming down the hospital hall.
And look at this all grown up kid. He's giving his 'thumbs up' about the tool belt.  I love this picture of Zeb. Just today a friend commented about how much older he looks lately- and I'd have to agree.
And here's Ikey at the dentist. Contrary to the look on his face in this picture- he actually did a really good job and enjoyed his visit!


Michelle said...

Great pictures!!

I wish fall could be almost here forever. :) Once it hits - it seems like it lasts a minute and then winter.

Zeb DOES look so big. Man, how time flies.

Love you guys!

Pat and Brent said...

Such cute boys - good brothers. That's the worst to bonk heads when you're trying to be affectionate. Love Zeb's thumbs up - so cute. You really are in a beautiful area for fall. I can't wait for it myself.

Jason & Shannon said...

Cool handy manny belt! I love the pictures, Zeb really is looking grown up!