Sunday, September 26, 2010

We have been super busy the past few days having fun, celebrating our anniversary, and getting Kent ready to leave again!  

We went to the family fun fair at the YMCA  and the kiddos had  a blast.  Zeb ended up with FOUR new 'pets'.  He played a bunch of games to earn tickets to get prizes.  'Mystic' the unicorn is his favorite?!  He's such a goofy kid.

For our anniversary it was just nice to have Kent HOME!  we went to breakfast at this crazy place in town.  We had thirty bucks in free gift cards (kent got through school functions) to a local breakfast place so we dropped the kiddos off at a friend's house and went to breakfast together.  I've also been wanting some nice candles for AGES and kent got me three of these fabulous ones from bath and body works for the price of one.  He knows that I love to get gifts- but it's even better if he gets a good deal on them :)
The evening of our anniversary I went to the general relief society broadcast and Kent cleaned the entire house and made a texas sheet cake.  It was perfect.  He also got up with the kiddos EVERY night he was home.  Strangely enough, the entire month he was gone to texas we only had ONE bad night- but while he was home there must have been at least six or seven!!  Kent says it's because I must just sleep through the shrieks and moans.

Today before church we went out to the park and FROZE.  I think it's time for me to put my flip flops away for good. 
These boys are so funny when they play together.  Usually Ike is trailing behind Zeb as he runs off from place to place.
I love this picture.  Zeb is showing Ike where they are on the map and where they need to go on their adventure! His imagination is EXPLODING.  He loves to go on 'adventures' at the park and draw all sorts of maps.
Tonight as Kent was leaving I told Zeb to say good bye to him one last time and he responded that "Kevin needs to say goodbye too, mom".  Kent asked him who Kevin was and he pointed right next to himself and said "He's Kevin, he's right here. His birthday is today and he's five years old".  I have NO idea where he got the name Kevin or when he started playing with him- but it kind of creeps me out.  He even made me put on Kevin's pjs and brush his teeth tonight. WEIRD.
And here's Ike trying his darndest to hang on to this contraption.  He didn't want anyone touching him while he hung there. I'm still shocked at how physical this kid is. he can already jump and get both feet off the ground! Zeb was at least two before he could do that! although he's not nearly as good with letters as zeb was. Ike still thinks that every letter is a 'b' and Zeb had already moved from upper case to lower case letters at this age!


Rebecca said...

Happy 6th Anniversary! I just saw your wild animal pictures and cannot BELIEVE that!! Hilarious pictures, and what an adventure!

Kent said...

I miss those crazy boys!! I think I totally messed up their schedules while I was home! I really miss you more than the squirts. Two weeks went by way too fast!!!

Michelle said...

Such cute, crazy boys! :)

Happy Anniversary, guys! I'm glad you were able to be together as a family.

I love Bath and Body's Autumn scents. Mmmmm Mmmmmm yummy!