Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zeb had his first day of school this week. He was so excited and so ready!  And poor little Ikey screamed and WAILED as we drove away. 'Zeeeeeeebbbbbby!  Zeeeeeeeebbbbbby!".  I think he actually enjoyed the time without his bro once he settled down a little.
We are doing a preschool co-op with some friends here from church. It's only once a week and it's free and, so far, Zeb LOVES it.  I meant to take picture of the projects he brought home, but by the time we made it home Ike was cranky and we were all hungry. I'll get pictures next week.

Having Kent gone again is lame-o. More than anything I'm super bored again.  However- he LOVES Dayton and I couldn't be happier about that :)   I keep telling him that he doesn't have to love Dayton just for me so I'm hoping he isn't fibbing to me and he really does love it.  It's green. The weather is almost perfect. He said they have the biggest nicest cleanest Meijer that he's ever seen and that there's a Sonic right in front of Meijer.  There's no ridiculous traffic. Sounds perfect to me. Oh- and he loves the program thus far. That's a pretty important thing about Dayton, too. It's half civilian/half military so it gives him the best of both worlds and experience in both sectors.
And I thought I should include this picture. We found it on our little point and shoot that Kent used for a few shots. I think it's terrible of me- but it does show just how truly terrified I also was.  Plus- for those of you that think we were abusing our children- we did it to ourselves as well (and that makes it okay).


Kent said...

That picture of you is amazing and was worth every penny of that expedition!!!

yaya said...

Don't you think that poor animal was scared out of its mind too?? Zeb looks soooo grown up! Hope Dayton is the place for you...keeps you here in Buckeye country just a bit longer! Hope to see you for Turkey Day!

Michelle said...

HA!! Yeah. That's a little too close for comfort. :)

Dayton sounds and looks beautiful! It'll be a new adventure for you guys!

I can't believe Zebby's in school!! :) What a great idea ... he looks so cute and excited.

Annie O said...

I can NOT believe that frightened you. You've done far more scary things that this surprises me. Hey, call us we're considering going to Buffalo for Turkey day.

Laney said...

yeah....that is a pretty bad picture of you.