Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm not sure why he's smiling in this picture. I've been borderline vomiting all night as Kent has diligently slurped down his gallon of 'go lightly'. Not to mention he's been on a liquid fast all day today.  I'm never getting a colonoscopy. Seriously .

Tomorrow morning Kent's going in for an egd scope (down the esophagus) and a colonoscopy.  The fabulous double whammy.  Hopefully he can get some answers to his plaguing GI issues!  All of his trouble today had better not be in vain! 

The rest of us had a pretty pleasant day today!  We went to the park this morning with friends and got soaking wet in all of the puddles.  Good thing Zeb has galoshes.

He's been so grown up lately.  He's very independent and has a wild imagination. And he's getting funnier.

This kid is getting harder by the day! He's in full 'scream' mode. One day at the Y kidzone this week he got THREE timeouts. The employees did tell me that "luckily he was just screaming at and hitting Spencer".  Spencer is his pal from church and they know I'm friends with his mom so I guess that makes it better :) Sorry, Cyndi!  I guess I am glad that he's not attacking some stranger with an overcrazed protective mom!
Here he is swinging and getting SOAKING wet this morning, too.


Michelle said...

KENT!!! I'm so sorry. I reeeeallly hope they can figure out what is going on with you ... and FIX it already! That is miserableness flowing over to prep for a double whammy.

I love the monster Ike - he just makes my whole face smile! And ... I could never get enough of that Zebber. What a charming smile that kiddo has! And he's TOTALLY got the smarts to have an incredible sense of humor. :) Oh man, I sure miss you guys.

Michelle said...

PS - Ya just gotta love that tongue hangin' out of Ike's mouth! His face just glows pure joy! He's in heaven. :)

Cynthia said...

how dare Ike hit my son! LOL;) I am glad Spencer is not the only one dishing it out. It is funny, though, that the YMCA never mentioned it to me!

The Ziemers said...

So sorry Kent! No Fun! And, Leisy, could you send some of that rain to Georgia?? Seriously I miss you. How is 4th year going? Are you still teaching seminary? I would love to catch up sometime. I will call you next week. Count on it.

Justin and Jules said...

I totally feel for ya Kent. I had to do that once and it was not fun in any way, shape or form. Good luck!