Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last year I ran the boy scout half marathon and loved it. This year I decided not to run it because Kent's been gone all month and I didn't think I'd be able to get ready. Plus I didn't know what to do with the kiddos and I didn't want to run it without Kent there to cheer me on and rub me out afterward :)  After a slew of friends (from church and The Y) decided they were going to do it- I decided it would actually be a great month long distraction while Kent was gone!  I put in some extra runs this month and ran the race yesterday! I ended up hiring a babysitter and left the kiddos at home to sleep in.

It just happened to be the coldest day since May (definitely an answer to my weather prayers!!) and it was cold and PERFECT.  Well- besides the insane downpour that hit us at mile seven and the gale force winds that tried to knock us down all morning :)  It was pretty crazy for awhile out in the corn fields- but I prefer the rain to the heat and humidity.

Here are my pals from church! 
I beat my last year's time by almost five minutes! I ran with some friends for the first few miles and then decided to find my own pace.  I settled in near a random girl who looked to be running the speed I wanted.  I asked her where she was from and she answered 'Idaho'.  It turns out we went to Ricks together. She had driven up from Columbus where her husband is going to Dental school! And she graduated high school with my cousin, Zack. Crazy small world when you're mormon.  We ran together for the next eight or so miles and then I had to pick up my pace so I could reach my goal!

Alison said that her husband has some 'great action shots' of me and  I'm a little nervous about them!  I'll post them later if they are presentable :)

Surprisingly I am almost not sore at all- so it's not as bad that Kent's gone.  I really missed him with the boys cheering me along the course, though. Luckily there were some other people to cheer us along! Thanks, Cyndi!


Michelle said...

Way-ta-Go, Leisy!! You are so motivated and gung-ho. 5 minute improvement!!! Wow. That is really spectacular. Nice work!

Cynthia said...

Good job Leisy!! Thanks for letting me come and share in your excitement of the race, especially since I couldn't run it. It was a lot of fun to cheer for you gals!

dockters said...

You gals are amazing!! I really can't even imagine running that far!! Glad it went well!

Renae said...

Great job!!! Thank you for encouraging me. :)

yaya said...

Congrats on the run! I wish you had kept running all the way to Craig and Amy's (with the boys of course!) so we could all have more cousin fun!