Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!  We celebrated with a good run, nice naps (while I finished mockingjay!), and a fabulous picnic in the park with lots and lots of friends!

Ike somehow found a sucker. He LOVES suckers. I HATE them. They are sticky and make messes and only create madness.  But Ike had a fabulous night. He ran around trying to play frisbee and soccer with all of the big kids and adults!
Zeb found his FAVORITE dirt pile and played there for a few hours.  The kid loves dirt and mud.  I bet he spends at least 3-4 hours a week in this very spot at swan creek park. 

This week is our last without Kent!  Only five days to go and I'm so happy. I'm crazy busy with seminary starting up again and all sorts of other stuff.  I'm hoping it FLIES by.  I'm so sick of talking on the phone to him!!  I just want a real conversation face to face!!

See you so soon, муж!  Don't get stuck in the hurricane and make sure to keep your rental car is something crazy happens on Saturday :) !!!


Jessica said...

I hope your week goes fast so that you are a family of four under one roof again!

M- your favorite said...

Man I love your boys! When are we going to see you guys again? They grow up way to fast! LOVE THEM!

Michelle said...

I hope it's a good week for you guys! Your always in our prayers. Love those cute boys!